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I miss ocean city! That’s a shirt Bobby’s parents got me when they went a couple weeks ago.

I am waiting patiently for when we can afford to take off on our own for a week and hit any ocean city, ha.

I also miss Disney world, and I can’t wait for our honeymoon. The smells, the food, the magic. I can’t wait to share it with bobby.

I will never forget the last time I was there, sitting in a bathrobe on the balcony of the grand Floridian overlooking the Marina at night, crying, wishing I were there with someone who actually loved and appreciated me instead of my now ex and his unbelievably loud snoring mother. Ugh it was the least magical trip I’d ever taken. It ruined Disney for me for quite some time, but I couldn’t let it keep me away forever.

I’m just excited I was able to let it go and reclaim my love for the place! The second half of our honeymoon will be a cruise, which is totally new to me. But I can’t wait to spend my first day there with Bobby just exploring the resort and eating a delicious meal and seeing things through the eyes of someone who has yet to experience these things. Also, I crave wetzels pretzels on the regular. There are none around here! They have a place in downtown Disney though ; ).

I just wish it were sooner.. but we have moving in together next summer to look forward to before all that, and I spend a fair amount of time thinking about that as well 🙂

I just wish it would be here already. Because I do things like stay up until 1 in the morning thinking about all the details.

Scentsy party tomorrow night and then dinner and drinks with a friend I haven’t seen in almost a year!!!

… goooodnight!

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