september shall be the month of no spending… already blew august!

I’ve been soo naughty lately… okay well just today. I might have ordered a couple things on Amazon that I really don’t need.

First, I got a few cookbooks. Two taste of home books, one on slow cooker recipes and one on slow cooker, soups and casseroles. The next one I got is the food network stars favorite recipes. At least they were all pretty cheap as they were sold on amazon, right? And it will give me good dinner ideas to feed my wonderful husband-to-be, right?? 😉

The next part is actually the very bad part. The first time I went to my new hair salon, I was given a few samples. One of them being the Revlon Nature’s Rescue Refining Sea Polish.

hair.. exfoliator?

I used it the weekend we spent in Jamestown on our last day there. I saved it for that moment because I knew I’d have a TON of product in my hair after getting it done for the wedding. And let me tell you something… it made my hair so FLUFFY. My hair was so ridiculously soft and fluffy that day and I give this product all the credit.

The next thing I got was Fekkai Coiff Defense Pre Style Thermal Spray. I need a good thermal spray because I use my flat iron EVERY day to make waves in my hair. Or, every other day, depending on how often I wash. Either way, it’s a lot. And my hair lady always says my hair feels so healthy every time I’m there but sometimes I wonder if she just doesn’t want to butter me up for her tip 😉

But it’s also just a regular ol UV protectant too, so even if you just spend lots of time out in the sun… yeah, justify it any way you want.

Last but not least, I got this Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray.

Because I heard it is the bomb. And I have a natural wave to my hair if I don’t blow dry the beejezus out of it using a paddle brush, so I’m kind of excited to use this in conjunction with the Fekkai product. I’ve heard that using these two types of products together gives your natural waves a good opportunity to form without being crunchy from using mousses and heavier sprays and gels, like I have in the past. So i’m kind of excited to try these! My hair left to style itself on its own accord generally ends up looking like… god I can’t even explain it. It’s kinky. It’s not necessarily wavy, it’s got like, a bit of wave and then the rest of it goes straight. Wavier in some spots than in others. It’s odd.

Anyway, I splurged on those things and I shouldn’t have. If I’d only have been able to buy one, I’d have gotten the Redken product. I’m actually curious about the entire Nature’s Rescue line. It actually includes a texturizing sea salt spray too. There is a “Refreshing Detox Shampoo, to be followed by Refining Sea Polish (that’s what I ordered), to be followed by Cooling Deep Conditioner and finished up with Radiant Sea Spray”


But yeah the polish is really weird. It’s gritty, and you’re supposed to kind of “roll” it through your hair in a circular motion. I have a hard time picturing that. I kind of just slathered it on and took sections and rubbed it in, I guess you could say.


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