what a day!

Alright so as most of you know, Tuesday is a pretty stressful day for me at work because I lay out the paper on Tuesday. It’s basically a day that consists of lots of yelling at people because they are always doing things wrong and screwing me up.

I don’t know how most editors jobs are, but the way we do it at my small place of employment is I am given an audit sheet – a list of ads to be placed in the paper/ads that may already be placed in the paper. This sheet includes the name of the ad file, the column width and length, ad category and other info that does not pertain to me such as the cost of the ad, etc. What I do is, I go through each page of the paper (in Publisher) and highlight the ads already placed.

Then I grab the stack of ad change sheets, if there are any, that lets me know if I need to replace the ad if it has been updated, etc.

After that, I make “green boxes” or “pink boxes” for the ads not yet placed. (I make mine pink 😉 ) And I basically just write the name of the ad in each box and it saves a place for the actual ad, which I place after I lay out all the rest of the paper with editorial, etc.

LOTS of times, people size ads wrong so that when I go to transfer the ad into the paper, it’s bigger or smaller than what it’s supposed to be.

Sometimes I think it would be more beneficial to place the ads before I actually lay out the paper, that way I could avoid moving a lot of the stuff around. It’s like a big jigsaw puzzle. But anyway, that’s my Tuesday.

It can be very stressful!! Today actually went pretty smooth. But a Tuesday itself  just has a stigma that doesn’t budge whether it’s a good day or not.

SO after work I decide to stop at the drug store, because I want to pick up my face wash (today is payday) and a covergirl eye shadow called shimmering sands (i recommend…) … so I’m waiting to check out. There’s a *middle aged* woman in front of me in line chatting with the cashier as she checks out. I’m absentmindedly looking around waiting for my turn.

The woman leaves, I step forward, and WHOOSH!!!!!!!! My flip flop hydroplanes on… on what???

I catch myself on the counter and look down – a humungous puddle of …. unknown! The cashier is like “omg are you okay?” and I’m like “There is a HUGE puddle of…. did that lady pee herself?”

She looks toward the door where the lady is walking out. The lady’s bottom of her pants are wet but I dont know if it’s because she peed herself or if it’s just from standing in the puddle.

The cashier says to me “Well, she WAS buying depends… ”


“I was just over on that side and that wasn’t there!”

And it was a standalone puddle. It wasn’t coming from a leaking coke cooler or anything of that nature….

So I can only assume I almost fell into a big puddle of  piss today.


Happy Tues 🙂


On a lighter note- I got my new litter box today. It was pretty funny when I set it up. My cat decided to watch me while I put it all together. I sat on the stairs reading the paper that came with it after I set it up. No sooner did I open it did she slink into the box to check it out.

She must have liked it, because she immediately started peeing. After she peed, she dug a hole and took a dump. And she did this all right in front of me. I guess she doesn’t care, because she’s a cat, but I never witnessed this before so I admit, it was kind of like watching a car wreck or Jersey Shore, it’s hard to look away sometimes.

But that’s not the best part! After the show was over, I came back into my room after cleaning up a bit and was just hanging out, when I heard her out in the hallway rustling in the litter again. Maybe she likes it in there?

I too, am impressed by the new box. But after reading reviews, I know the importance of good timing. I didn’t want to try rolling it over (you roll it over and it gets separated and when you roll it back, all you have to do to remove the poo is pull out a little drawer and it has all the treasures in it, if ya know what I mean) too soon. So I waited about an hour and a half and could wait no longer.

I rolled the box, rolled it back, and then opened the drawer! Ta-Daaa! Clumps in the drawer!! It worked like a charm. Immediately after I righted the box, phoebe climbed in it ONCE AGAIN. LOL

She’s happy. I’m happy. We’re all happy.

SIGH. I’m tired now. Tuesdays take a lot out of me.

have a great evening everyone 😉



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