inside and out, he’s better than i am

So… I think I’m moving to blogger/blogspot… again. ‘Cause you know what? WordPress is lame. What subscribers? What neighborhood? Sigh. Just saying, WP is like … *tumbleweed*

Just like that!!!

Of course, I am boring. But yeah I don’t know if anyone updates their blogs because I STILL DO NOT KNOW HOW to work the “subscriptions/blog roll” that this thing claims to have.

ANYHOW… I’ve made some purchases lately. Actually, some of them Bobby has made for me. But not all of them will be shown because I think the bracelet and the necklace is in my makeup bag in the bathroom woopsie. The star of that purchase will be shown though, I love the earrings so much! (They were 3 for 10 at American Eagle.. and their stuff is usually $10 a piece, so not a bad deal!)

OK where to start. This is how I like to do my hair lately, maybe it will actually be more polished/styled tomorrow and I will get a better pic:

So that’s the hair. Up next, some purchases as of late. Here are the earrings that are obnoxious and lovely:

I just love them! They kind of match this cute hoodie I got from Old Navy not too long ago too, see

Anyhow, next… here are more makeup/nail polish purchases:

That is Sonia Kashuk in Tauped and Taunting Teal and Essie in Lady Like. I love flat colors. Adore them. Got them at Target.. except Essie, I got that one this morning at Super K, $8… the Sonia ones were $4 something. And those are gorgeous… the Essie one doesn’t show its true potential there but I took another one to show my nails painted in Tauped and it came a little truer to color so maybe this will work better:

And it’s a terrible manicure already hahaha, but that gives you a better idea.

Next, I was searching all over for my ELF makeup removers ($3 for a really nicely packaged [aka won’t dry out.. actually has a plastic flap lid thing] 25 sheets). Around here, the only place to get ELF products besides the internet is at a Super K Mart, and now it seems as though they are unavailable there as well. Must have stopped carrying them all together, because I checked two K Mart’s! Blah… but I did pick up some Wet N’ Wild  eyeshadow to try because believe it or not, these get RAVING reviews on makeup alley.

The left one is Walking on Eggshells, and the right is Sweet as Candy. They are both nicer than I expected. And believe it or not, I picked them up before reading the reviews on MUA. I read them this morning at work, after I’d purchased them… because I looked them up out of boredom LOL. So I did myself a favor by picking them up. They were like $3 a piece! Cheap.

I tried them out tonight also and I can say they are pretty nice. Some of the MUA reviews are a little… generous, in raving on their highly pigmented-ness… a lot of people claim they are better than their high end makeup. I don’t know if my favorite shadow brand Too Faced is considered high end (at $16 a pop for a duo, that’s pretty high for me. It’s not a $34 lipstick but still) but that brand, as far as I’m concerned, has more pigment and is more blendable. But for being so cheap these are really good. And Walking on Eggshells is perfect for every day, despite the shimmer.

If you have a matte highlight color you can blend it between the highlight and crease at the end to kind of tone down the shine, but it’s not bad. My problem with really shimmery shadows is that they can apply really thin and flaky at times, looking too sheer.

I also used my Urban Decay Primer Potion before I applied though, and that will help anything. Hmm, what’s next:


Lately I’ve been inspired to try a bright lipstick. I have several really beautiful pink ones that I never wear just because I feel too … ostentatious in them. I just feel silly wearing bright LOOK AT ME lipstick, but I feel like the way I dress and my chapstick routine does not adequately represent the way I feel inside, so I’ve been sort of shifting the tide a little lately. Of course, I can’t revamp a wardrobe AND pay for lots of new apartment appliances, so a new lipstick it is, for now.

That is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme in Coral Berry. I wore it today and it cheered me up a little. It was $8.99 at Rite Aid. I have a few nude shades from Revlon as well which I also never wear because honestly I am so low maintenance when it comes to my appearance. Maybe it’s just my lack of self confidence right now, but I do feel like I will be wearing them more often now.

I also got:

From Amazon. Can’t wait to have super ’50’s hair. I threw these on my order for like $7, because I was purchasing this too (don’t ask me how cat boxes and hair rollers go together)

A super duper cat box. It’s called “Roll N Clean Litter Box” and it’s $31.99 on amazon for the large one. The idea is that you no longer have to scoop the box because you just roll it over almost all the way, and then roll it back into place. Once you’ve done that, the solid clumps and bits are supposed to wind up in that basket on the right of the box that you pull out and empty, and stick back in. You’ve probably got to shake it a bit to redistribute the litter evenly but that’s the general idea. It kind of rolls the clean litter into a reserve space on the right and puts it back when you roll it the other directions.

It has wonderful reviews. Anything to make cleaning the box a little more hygienic. Blah! Next on my list of expensive things to buy for the cat: a furminator! She WILL be brushed and she will learn to LIKE IT. I don’t want to suffer the cat hair phenomenon when Bobby and I move out like I do here at home.

Last bit of news: I have subscribed to Birchbox. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a subscription to a box of 4-5 deluxe sized samples each month delivered right to your door based on a personalized beauty profile you fill out when you sign up. It’s exciting because you don’t know what you’re gonna get and it’s fun to try out new products. The products are all high-end, but the good part about signing up is that for every month you are subscribed you receive 10 points, and 100 gets you $10 off a full sized product. They sell all of the products on the website in the full size so that if you wind up liking what you’ve been sent, you can buy it right from them. IF you do it the month that coordinates to when you received that item, you get free shipping.

You also get points for reviewing the products you’ve been sent on the website. So that is nice too.

OK this is the longest post in the history of my blogging life, even before vox.



3 thoughts on “inside and out, he’s better than i am

  1. Neda Z says:

    I have the same problem with WordPress, I have not figured out how can I follow or add anybody. I miss Vox, everything was so simple and easy.

  2. Christina says:

    I gave up on WordPress updating me on new posts. I’m all about Google Reader! It’s soooo easy! TRY IT BEFORE YOU ABANDON WORDPRESS!

    Do the Kashuk nail polishes stay on your finger nails longer than a day? Because the only polish I’ve had luck with is OPI. I’m thisclose to buying $50 worth of OPI polish so I can get the free shipping on Sephora/I have options for manicures laying at home.

    Also, you have to let me know how those curlers work! I’ve had my eye on buying some for quite some time. I’m just so beauty illiterate and I have ~15 minutes for hair every morning. I’m a low maintenance kind of gal… but I like to think it’s because I’m SUPER confident in my naked, un-make-uped skin. 🙂

    • kmariam says:

      I will look into the google reader, thanks!! And the Kashuk polish seems to be relatively durable for a $5 nail polish. The same night I painted my nails I was rifling through things and so a couple of the tips got a little chipped. I just removed it today and it looked just fine despite the damage I did the day of the manicure. I like OPI too, but I really don’t always like putting a separate clear coat on, which is what I have to do for a lot of their polishes. Otherwise they’re just real matte and don’t shine at all or look as colorful as they do in the bottle! I think that’s why Essie is my favorite now. It’s a high quality nail polish but you don’t need to use a separate top coat with as many of the colors. And Essie lasts forever on my nails. I can’t wait to try lady like.

      I will let you know about the curlers! They should be here any day now 🙂 And I wish I were as confident as you are. I’m working on it!!

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