if today were Someday….

I would be sitting in my new apartment in a luxurious over-sized chair with my netbook, drinking fresh brewed coffee with some biscotti, in silk pajamas looking way hotter than I do right now. My fiance would be in the kitchen making me the rest of my breakfast 😉 and maybe I would even be working on a Disney trip report… or maybe by then he’ll be my husband and I’ll be working on our honeymoon trip report! Oh yeah!

Reality is I’m sitting here in a cotton tank top, zero breakfast, zero coffee, surrounded by my hot mess of a room. And I neglected to remove my eye makeup last night, so I look kind of like a drug addict. Fiance is like, 36 miles away.

I seriously can’t wait to move.

Today we were supposed to go to Presque Isle, but it’s supposed to rain all day! Instead, we are going to take Bobby’s parents to church with my Grandma, who they will be meeting for the first time. This will actually be the first time they meet any of my family LOL. In nearly three years!!!

The purpose of attending this mass is actually to show his parents the church we plan on getting married in. My grandma still goes to Saturday night mass, so we will be joining her… I haven’t been to church in about a decade and a half.

After church, we will show them the apartments we plan on moving into.

After that I have no idea what I’ll do. Probably go home and get back into some sweat pants, and continue to dream about “Someday.”

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