biggest wedding event of my life. ever.

That was the biggest deal ever. I think my own wedding will be easy as shit compared to the nerves I dealt with in this one! Let us start from the beginning, yes? I got ready the morning of the rehearsal dinner at home, and looked like this.

After the two and a half or so hour drive and a stop at a windy/rainy rest stop, this is what I wound up looking like for the rehearsal dinner:

my sexy man and i

The hair really was not so hot. I love this picture of myself and Bobby though:

This day was really muggy! Every curl we put in our hair wanted to fall right out. Well, mine anyway. Here are some photos of the limo ride to the site where the meet and greet/rehearsal dinner would be held:

From left to right: Bobby, Shane, Troy and Tricia

L to R: Steve, Julana, Me, Bobby and Shane

The limo ride was short and sweet. Here is a cute table of goodies for the meet and greet area:

Cutest display of strawberries you ever saw!

The meet and greet was fun. Tricia and Troy got interviewed. I sipped on a few vodka tonics and chatted with my fiance, julana and her boyfriend steve. Julana and Steve were also a bridesmaid/groomsman. Shane was the best man. Eventually we were ushered into a different part of the restaurant and were served dinner. The bride and groom gave us gifts.

Tricia got me a tote bag with my name, slippers for the reception, jewelry for the wedding and a personalized compact AND a dooney and bourke wristlet. It was very generous. I love my wristlet 🙂 I’ve been using it all weekend!

For dinner there was an assortment of delicious food on the menu for us to choose from. Bobby and I both had the prime rib. To me, it tasted like meat loaf. LOL. I’ve never had it before! There was also dessert. Tiramisu and some strawberry mousse ice cream cake.

After the dinner, we got back in the limo and drove to the Tropicana Room in the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz museum. It was sooo painful because my feet were swollen and suddenly my shoes were no longer the slightest bit comfortable! It was torture. The blisters are coming back just thinking about it!

After the rehearsal, we went back to the Sheldon House, a historical house, that’s more like an old-time mansion complete with several bedroom suites, living quarters for servants and lots of creepy rooms (& beautiful ones too!).

Here is Bobby and I after my makeup removal, we were all just chilling looking for a deck or cards or something:

I had to write out Shane’s part of the hand-holding ceremony because the only thing he brought was the e-mail rebecca (the coordinator) sent us, on his phone…. which wouldn’t do. After that I was really sleepy and Bobby and I turned in for the night. I took a picture with Tricia first though:

The morning of the wedding, we all took showers and got ready for breakfast at 9 a.m. It was served in the dining hall. Pastries, muffins and some delicious fruit, plus coffee, tea and juice. It was perfect!

After breakfast we spent some time relaxing on one of the outdoor patios, waiting for the photographer and hair and makeup people to get there!

the men, chillen.

I was anxious for things to get rolling at this point. Before too long the photographer showed up, tailed by the salon people. Yay! We all went upstairs to get worked on and after my make-up and hair, this is what I looked like

post hair and makeup

After that, we went down for a light lunch of assorted wraps and some more delicious fruit. NOW I was antsy. We pinned our hair up some more so it wouldn’t fall out, applied lots more hair spray… I ran upstairs and put my “undergarments” on for under my dress… blah!!

We took a TON of pictures. I hope some of them at least turned out good of me? I know this is all about Tricia and the focus is on her, but I will be in those pictures forever, and I am easily humiliated. It was funny, because before our guy started taking shots, Julana was like “Listen please give me constructive criticism to get the shots looking good, I can take it” LOL… I was just like, ditto!

It was cute because sometimes after he’d take a shot he’d look at me and say “Oh, you’re gonna like this one!”


I’m really nervous to see them. I looked at some of the photos on Bobbys phone and got instantly depressed because it just .. wasn’t good folks!

As for the ceremony, parts of it were ridiculous because the officiant introduced the “hand holding ceremony” as a “personal word for the bride and groom from the maid of honor and the best man” …. it was definitely not a personal word, but okay. It threw me off though, enough to say to shane “no, that’s not right!” when he tried to hand me my notecard (he carried it for me). Also, as we were leaving the aisle a rose popped out of my bouquet. He picked it up for me, but i was kind of like what the hell!! And the media was rolling the entire time and I was like really? Because it fell apart the moment someone handed it to me and now this!” … or something to that effect, before we were even “behind the scenes” LOL…

I honestly never want to see the recordings of this.

After the ceremony we stopped at the first reception location, as there were 3. This is where I was unprepared to give my toast, because the DJ called us up but we didn’t know it was “toast time”. Shane basically said he had nothing to say “but the maid of honor does! so here she is!”

Yeah, I wanted to kick him.

My toast didn’t go so bad though! When I got to the “i’ve known tricia since the fourth grade” part, she started to cry which kind of made me want to cry and it shook me enough to make me a little more nervous, but surprisingly, I got through it pretty smoothly. I was shaking like crazy by the time it was done though. I had a tiny glass of water and it was practically jumping out of my hand as I tried to take a sip! Here is the speech I gave:

Good evening everyone! I’d like to start by saying I’m very honored to be giving this toast tonight…

Tricia and I have been friends since the fourth grade. As a testament to our friendship, I can honestly say there is no concept of “personal space” among us. We demonstrated this one day, many years ago, in a home ec class, in which our teacher tried to use us as an example to make a point of personal space by having us stand face to face, as close as we comfortably could to one another. I don’t think she thought we’d get past arms length, like most normal people, but she found us practically nose to nose. So that didn’t do much to support her theory, but that gives you a pretty good idea of how much we don’t mind one another.

On a more serious note, I’ve been lucky enough to have been there from the very start of this romance we’re gathered for today, and I never once felt any doubt from my friend that this man wasn’t the tops for her. I’ve spent enough time around these two to confirm the suspicion that they really are perfect for one another. If Lucille Ball can’t come between them, no one can… I mean, we all know how much Tricia loves Lucy.

I didn’t lose any part of my friendship or my friend when Troy came along, but I did gain another in him, and I am very grateful to be a part of their special day.

Thank you Tricia, Troy, for being fantastic friends. Here’s to many happy years!

Throughout the night, I got so many compliments from various strangers and I felt flabbergasted because I honestly didn’t know if it was good or not. I didn’t know if Bobby was lying when he said it was good just to make me feel better or not, haha. Tricia told me afterward though that it was literally one of the best toasts she has ever heard. That made me feel good and I’m so glad she loved it…

Here’s a photo from the reception in the Tropicana Room:

Tricia being serenaded... those guys were good!

I chatted up some guests from the Jamestown Gazette, explaining how I edit a community newspaper. It was fun talking to someone that deals with the same crap I do on a daily basis.

Here are some photos Bobby and I took toward the end of the night when things were winding down. My feet were KILLING ME so we had a seat in the corner of a nook in the museum.

don't ask?

I know there are more somewhere.. I know they are on facebook. Anyhow…

After we FINALLY got back to the Sheldon House, we changed before heading up to the lounge at the Comfort Inn where the wedding guests were staying… here are some more photos.

I think we got back around 11, and right after that, go figure, Tricia decided she’d had way too many shots and wanted to go home to bed. LOL…

This morning we woke up for breakfast at the Bob Evans near the hotel everyone stayed at. It was a party of like, 25.. the poor wait staff. After breakfast Bobby and I drove home. Tricia and Troy headed to Niagra for their honey moon in a rental car. This evening we spent relaxing, watching Big Brother (sigh) and actually I finally started watching A Game of Thrones. The books I read a long time ago, but Bobby finally got the first season on his ipad for me to see! Woohoo!

I know this update is probably littered with things to fix, but I am now thoroughly exhausted. Goodnight!


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