disney dreaming and the dog days…

It’s been so disgustingly hot outside that I have yet to actually put the bike rack to use, which is unfortunate. My day so far has been very relaxing. I woke up to a phone call around 10:30 from my man, otherwise i’d probably still be sleeping. Seriously.

Turns out his parents bought us a GPS. That was very sweet of them! I guess it was on sale from 150 to 99 at target, and they were buying themselves one and figured why not get us one too. They already have a GPS but it needs updated and the update for it costs about $70. This one has free lifetime updates!! Woohoo! I think someone was worried about us going to New York for the wedding this weekend 😉  I will tell you though, the GPS on my phone is very good!!

I got my hair cut yesterday. It’s funny, whenever I go to the salon now, the girl actually washes and “styles” my hair once it is cut (the last lady always cut me dry and i was out in 5 mins) and instead of it looking awesome, it’s just always really flat! I blowdry the front section of my hair by holding it up, and then once that front section is dry, I flip my head over and blow dry everything upside down. I know I can’t exactly expect her to tell me to flip and dry myself, but I just find it interesting that I get more volume when I dry my hair at home.

So here is my hair: (I tried more shorter layers this time- for more volume, go figure and it still looked flat as a pancake)

Fresh from the salon - flat as a pancake

And now here we are after my styling (this is kind of my go-to every day look now because bobby likes it curly 😉 )

waved out with a straightener!

Annyyyway.. that’s all. The wedding is this weekend. I’m nervous about making my speech but I’m pretty excited for the shebang to be over and done with so that I don’t have the pressure anymore! And after my after-wedding indulgent breakfast splurge of whatever-the-heck-i-feel-like it will be back to healthy as crap 17 day lifestyle haha.

I’m really not ready for this wedding, but I doubt I ever will be with as hard on myself as I am. I am armed with the right tools now though, and I plan on putting them to good use.

Overall lately, just very excited about the prospect of getting lots of bills paid off and moving out next summer. It’s really keeping my spirits up!

I started a new blanket for Bobby. This will be one big granny square but I am using two colors that are going to make it look really awesome I think:

One is Dusk and the other color is Soft Navy. The multi-colored yarn rows will get thicker as the blanket grows. I think it will end up looking really nice!

I’ve been wanting to make him one lately, because after all:

"my boyfriend is a superhero"

Hahaha.. that was actually taken a few weeks ago and it was really only meant for him to see but what the hell. Please excuse my stupid facial expression.

That’s really all I’ve got left. In other news, I ordered the sims 3 generations expansion, and there is no other news.

Have a great weekend, what’s left.


2 thoughts on “disney dreaming and the dog days…

  1. christinaheart says:

    My hair dresser usually leaves my hair wet, so I ask her if I can use her hair dryer as we’re all finishing up.

    So I actually do get to flip my head and dry it myself! (Though, I still don’t have *that* much volume in my stupid, fine hair.)

    Your hair *does* look really cute with the curls, btw!

    • kmariam says:

      Well that’s pretty cool of your hair dresser! I had one that used to do that, but he was mean. And he should have stuck to grooming dogs. (He seriously did that too). And thank you 🙂

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