honeymoon business!!

I got this bright idea to see if we can book our honeymoon ASAP so that we can start paying on it. That way, by the time the wedding rolls around, we won’t be dealing with last minute honeymoon expense drama. I can see my family helping us out with the wedding. But our honeymoon? Probably not so much.

So I contacted Mouseketrips, a travel agency that specializes in Disney vacations. I never really thought about using a travel agent before, but I started wondering what the pros are and after I looked into it, I discovered that it very well may be worth it. Nothing to lose, really. It can only save us money. And it might even enhance our trip a little!

I learned that certain travel agents that are recognized by Disney (there’s actually a Disney Knowledge College… I kid you not,  it’s a course they take to become a certified Disney agent) and they have access to discounts that other TA’s and esp. the public never see.

These discounts are limited though, and they go pretty fast. So I’m glad we have decided to book everything ASAP. The guy I spoke with is Scott, and he told me we can put our initial deposit down, and then make however many payments in as many different amounts as we please, until the day comes when the trip needs to be paid in full. Usually 45 days prior to the trip. I had no idea what that would all entail, so I know anyone reading this that is familiar with actually booking awesome trips is probably like durrr.

But another awesome thing about having a TA, they will automatically check for discounts (not just in the beginning, but continually! up until the time we actually go!) that will apply to our vacation and apply them without any doing on my part whatsoever.

Anyway, our plans are Disney World of course.. But we will probably be staying at a moderate resort for 7 nights (or our dream deluxe, AKL) and then going on one of the 3 night Bahamian cruises. I really think that’s perfect… the parks will be crazy and fun, but the cruise will give us that perfect easy going, romantic ending to our honeymoon that I think we’d lack if we just spent 10 nights in the parks.

2013 cruise dates come out at the end of this Fall, so we can book that part of our trip then! And hopefully by the time the park dates come out, we’ll already have the cruise part paid in full. Even though this is the honeymoon and has no direct impact on the actual wedding, it makes me feel as though we are actually “planning” …which is something I have yet to really indulge myself with because no one cooperates when your wedding is still 2 and a half years away :p


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