wising up

Lately I have realized that my expectations of people are too high. I get let down an awful lot. I’m starting to realize that no matter how great I think a friend is, I need to be more realistic and realize that not everyone is always going to live up to my expectations.

I’m one of those that is loyal to the core when it comes to friendships, and my word. I will fiercely defend the people that I love and I wouldn’t let anything come between us or go unsettled. Unfortunately… some people are just different. It’s not that they purposely want to hurt you or upset you, but some people are just completely incapable of rising to the standards of any given title, like friend. or best friend.

That realization, though somewhat sad, will protect me from being hurt or offended in the future. I’ve just got to realize that some people aren’t as awesome as I am, even at their best.

In other news… life has been a whirlwind lately. Lots of fun activities with Bobby, and lots of wedding preparation. I’m sick right now. Stuffy head, and dry, scratchy throat regardless of what I attempt to coat it with.

I’m just focused on the future right now. I’d like to stick to the present, but at present, it isn’t so awesome. So I’m focusing on the awesome that will be next summer. This year, the month of august and subsequent months will be spent paying off my various bills. After that, I’ll pay off some more bills. At the end of May or beginning of June, hopefully Bobby and I will be signing a lease and moving into our dream apartment.

I have a bike rack on the way, and I intend to make Bobby go biking with me at least three times a week, which shouldn’t be a problem because he really loves it. I just want us to have a healthy, active hobby to enjoy together. It should be very beneficial for the both of us.

I’m excited for July to be over. I can’t wait until Tricia’s wedding is behind me and I can start saving money again! I’m also gonna be in my co-workers wedding next July… so that will be another expense around the potential move-in date, but that’s okay. I’ll find a way! I always do.

Let’s hope for lots of raises and a new, better paying job for my fiance before then!!


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