& now… a late night post born of procrastination

So I mentioned briefly in my last post that I’m going to be in ANOTHER wedding next July. Well, the girl asked me to go to Alfred Angelo’s to watch her try on wedding dresses. So I was about an hour early. I stopped at the mall to browse because I have this rehearsal dinner to go to for Tricia’s wedding, and I liked a dress online that was $150 dollars but with the money lately, I thought I’d see what the department stores had to offer for way less.

So the second dress I tried on was originally $80, but the rack I grabbed it off of said it was on sale for $60.  I tried the dress on and it felt 50’s style appropriate (this is a lucille ball wedding inspired rehearsal dinner after all), was somewhat flattering, and fit.

So then I took it up to the cashier thinking $60 is way better to spend than $150+ on the dress I found online (some vintage inspired site – gorgeous dress.. but the crinoline itself would have been an extra $50!!) and she rang it up and said “Oh boy, isn’t that nice?” and I was like Huh? at first, but then she said “That will be 17 dollars” and I was like :O you’ve got to be kidding!!

$17??? Whatever you say lady!

Here is the dress:

It doesn’t really give a good idea of the straps in the front but it’s pretty nice. Those were the dressing room decision pictures I sent to Bobby, lol.

& as a weight loss update,  I haven’t lost any more since the 15 (I actually am not sure because I haven’t stepped on the scale in about a week). Between AC and the 4th of July and everything in between and after up to this point, it’s been really hard to stick to my strict diet. But tomorrow is a new day and I plan on starting cycle 1 again!

I keep telling myself that I can look hot for Kaitlan’s wedding next July, since it’s too late for this one hahaha! Just kidding, it’s not too late I guess. I still have like 10 days to kick this diet in gear again. I could easily lose another 5-9 lbs before the 30th 🙂 … I will try my best!

Honestly it will be nice when the pressure is gone and I’m not constantly worried. I mean, there will still be pressure. I have to go find a bridesmaid dress sooner or later for Kaitlan’s wedding. But still :). I want this! And I want it bad enough to do what I need to do.

OK but hopefully that serves as a progress (or lack thereof) update for you all. The fact that I can post the dress pictures is a testament that this “lifestyle” is doing awesome things for me. I can’t wait until our bike rack comes this wednesday either!

I wasted my night running numbers and budgeting. I didn’t get anything else done that I wanted to do. On that note, I’m going to hit the sack so I can possibly get up early enough to run tomorrow! Goodnight!


2 thoughts on “& now… a late night post born of procrastination

  1. christinaheart says:

    I love those super awesome surprise sales!

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