the lately.

I have been extremely busy lately! I’m not used to so many social activities. Seriously. But here I am, because one person demands that I update (thank you for giving a crap, haha). Um where did we leave off.

The Beach Boys concert! Holy crap, that was amazing. John Stamos plays with them occasionally, were you aware? Me either. But that same day Bobby and I were watching Full House and talking about him. And then bam he was up there with my Beach Boys.

The concert seriously made me so happy. Yesย  I was surrounded by old people, fat people that smell, and I wasn’t drunk enough to totally enjoy myself without feeling silly so I held a lot of glee back, but I am sooo happy I got to experience that.

How many people get to see their favorite bands from WAY BACK WHEN come together like that. I know not all of them are left, but the guys they play with fit right in. The set they played was perfect. It was truly a great night. And CROWDED. Holy moly do people love the Beach Boys.

This was the weekend I basically STOPPED DIETING. Not really, I mostly cheated every weekend, but I swear it wasn’t my fault hahaha… The concert, the wedding shower the next weekend,ย  a graduation party the weekend after that, a “got toasted” weekend after THAT.ย  All of those include cake. Just saying. Oh and it was my bosses birthday somewhere in there and we had cake. Honestly little things like that tell you to screw the rest of the day and just keep eating carbs.

But I didn’t wreck my diet, and I’m back on it now ๐Ÿ˜‰ My total lost before the alcohol and food fest is… 13 lbs! I intend on losing at least another 13 before the actual wedding haha.

Yesterday was the DREADED DRESS FITTING. It actually did not go as bad as I thought it would. My first impression of the dress was… holy jesus are you kidding me? It looked awful on the hanger, frumpy and ugly and the fabric? Fail.

But on, it’s actually very cute, especially with the crinoline that makes it puff out and gives it that kiss of the 50’s.

As for ME in the dress, it was much better than I thought it would be. I still have work to do, but I didn’t want to fall down dead at the sight of myself so that is a plus.

We went to Faulkner or somewhere like that for the fitting, it’s about 20 minutes from Jamestown NY where the wedding will be. On your way there, there is a rest stop in Chautauqua that is absolutely gorgeous. I took a couple pictures.

See? Super nice. There are picnic tables out by the water. I would drive up there just for a picnic if I lived around there haha.

After our fitting we drove to La Scala’s where the rehearsal dinner will be held. That place is something else. It is absolutely gorgeous. I will take lots of pictures to share when the time comes, but take it from me.. it’s so classy and beautiful. I love the furniture and the lights.. there are so many beautiful sparkling lights haha.

After we got our tour of that area, we went right down the road to the lake. Right on the lake, there is a restaurant called the Italian Fisherman. We sat outside on the covered deck. There was a nice cool breeze and it was just so beautiful. I wish Bobby had been there! I ordered fish tacos that came with pineapple ambrosia and fried plantains on the side. It was delicious. Here are a couple pictures I took from our view

SO if you live around here and ever want to visit right outside of Jamestown NY, I recommend! If I could find more to do in this area I would definitely come down with Bobby. It’s about 2.5 hours from us.

That’s all I got really. Today I am going to try to find something to wear to Bobby’s yearly family reunion on Sunday. I have a ton of things, but much of it is for AC and I hate wearing new clothes before the event I specifically buy them for. I have no idea why. I guess i’m paranoid something will happen to them? haha

I’m also doing TONS of laundry this weekend. I’m finally cleaning up the heap of towels/clothes i never wear that was blocking off my other dresser. SO once I get all of that taken care of, I can get rid of the dressers I no longer want and only *use* the ones I do want. I emphasize use because typically my clothes go from hamper to hamper and never even see a drawer haha. I’m working on it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have a great fourth everyone!


2 thoughts on “the lately.

  1. christinaheart says:

    My clothing doesn’t end up in a drawer until the hamper is almost empty and there’s only about 7 items to put away anyway. I tried to work on that. I’ve given up now.

    I wish you would have taken a dress photo!

    I think all these summer cook outs/holidays are really bad for dieting. You can never say no to cake/burgers/a cold beer or two. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Judy says:


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