i’m pickin’ up good vibrations

Tonight we venture to …somewhere around Pittsburgh (i forget) to see the Beach Boys! Woohoo!

WL Update: 11 lbs

I feel pretty good about it!  I don’t know what’s up with my eyes in that picture. I think one of them was getting more glare from the flash & trying to close LOL.
This summer has lots of dental pain in store. I take it like a champ though. That chair is like, my zen place. I just go someplace else. Anyway, my root canal tooth is either fractured or being rejected, needs a crown if it’s just a fracture and if it’s something more will need removed entirely and replaced with a bridge.  Thank you job, for the great dental coverage. I’ll still have to pay half for any procedure I end up having, but that’s wayy better than when I DIDN’T have dental, and had to pay 800 for the root canal.

My dentist joked with me for the first time since I’ve been going to him (maybe like 2006?). He cleaned my teeth and told me to pick a toothpaste. He was like “There’s the colgate total… or you can have the spongebob if you want ;)” and he patted me on the back. LOL.

He rocks. He’s just usually very quiet and reserved.

I also got a new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S Continuum. I finally switched to verizon! Suck it AT&T!!! I love the phone. The sales guy talked me into it. I went in seeking a different one but he told me it sucked hard core and showed me which ones he thought were the best in the price range I was looking for. After all the discounts and deals he gave me, I only paid 173 for the phone and 4 accessories.

Alright. I better get ready to go to work for a couple hours and pretend like I give a crap.


2 thoughts on “i’m pickin’ up good vibrations

  1. cheetohs says:

    update your blog

  2. cheetohs says:

    poke poke poke.

    it’s july.

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