How badly do I want to sit in a cafe and sip a latte while I polish off a pastry? YOU KNOW HOW BAD. But I’m having such success with this diet, it’s all the motivation I need. Usually … I mean … I definitely am sad over my lack of carbs at times, but all I have to do is think about that bridesmaid dress and I’m reminded of how badly I need this! I mean, this entire experience has kind of opened my eyes a little wider. I NEED to do this. Not just for Tricia’s wedding, but for my life in general.

I just hold myself back from too much for being so self conscious!

So here I am with Bobby the 2nd day of my diet (this is after I even lost 2.5 lbs) So, essentially,


AFTER (kind of.. I start cycle 2 on Monday)

I don’t know if you can tell from those pictures that my face has gotten a little thinner. I’ve lost over 2 inches in my waist now also. So I’m pleased with the results so far! I did kind of cheat on Memorial Day though, and this Friday Bobby and I had sushi for dinner. Technically that was cheating because of the rice. I didn’t gain anything from that though so that’s good, but I’m sure I’d have seen a bigger loss if I hadn’t had a hot fudge sundae on Memorial Day 😉

What, pray tell, is a celebration without hot fudge????

Anyway!!! I can have Dr Mike’s Power Cookie on cycle 2, so I’m pumped for that because this girl LOVES COOKIES. I guess they are really filling too. It would replace oatmeal for breakfast, for instance. Every other day I can have a small selection of carbs and starches. Can’t wait! I hope I find time to make the cookies tomorrow. I still have a lot of the ingredients to buy.

It consists of: Unsweetened applesauce, almont paste, flaxseed oil (I will substitute olive oil), truvia (I will use splenda), agave nectar (I will use honey), eggs, vanilla, whole wheat flour, cinnamon, salt, black pepper (helps with digestion and fat metabolism!), vanilla whey protein, oats, dried cherries and sliced almonds.

Uhh, yum, right? I know. If you want the details on how to make it, just google “Dr. Mike’s Power Cookie” and you will find multiple sources.

If any of you are thinking about trying this out, let me warn you before hand that you really shouldn’t work out for longer/harder than he recommends. From what I’ve read, a lot of people do heavy muscle building workouts, such as Jillian’s 30 Day Shred (Which is awesome! It definitely builds a lot of muscle) and then they find that they aren’t losing the weight rapidly as the diet claims you will, due to the lack of energy you intake vs. what you put out. Your body ends up storing the fat because it thinks it’s starving. So it’s important not to over-work yourself when you’re on a low calorie/fat diet. Your body just freaks out and doesn’t want to let go of those fat stores.

Also, you will probably find yourself gaining weight because obviously muscle weighs more than fat, plus you will not be shedding the fat as you would if your body didn’t think it was entering some kind of starvation mode.

Not that you starve, but ya know! I would save the heavier workouts for the later cycles, like 4, where you strive to maintain. Because you’ll be eating more to maintain your weight and it will be more lenient.  Lots of exercise in the form of light cardio is fine though! I think he suggests walking for 17 minutes 2x a day in the beginning, and then upping it to 45 minutes the second cycle.

K, i’ve blabbed enough.


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    get it girl!

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