my i’ve been chatty lately

I think it’s because I’m excited about life.

Also I am supposed to be cleaning right now… so that probably has a lotttt to do with this distraction.

I have some loads of laundry going right now though… I really need to get the clothes all packed away so that I have room to move around all the other things that don’t really have a place yet.

Anyway I’m excited to get my new bras. New bras are just exciting for some reason, especially when you saved like $30 buying them on sale. Getting a $50 bra for $30 feels like a big victory.

To go to work tomorrow, or not? I don’t have to. No one else will be in the office. I just hate saying goodbye to like $65Ā  by having the day off. Besides, it will be worth going in for a few hours at least, to not be rushing on layout day Tuesday.

I’ll sleep in, take my time getting ready and then head in for awhile. I know my boss would much rather I stayed home… because he is cheap… but he didn’t specifically forbid me from coming in šŸ˜‰

As far as other things go, as much as I love Tricia, I can’t wait until this wedding business is over so I can get back to focusing on other aspects of life. I mean, I’ll still be watching my weight carefully (after all, I do have my own wedding dress to look amazing for), but it will just be nice to have the pressure gone.

I should work on my Maid of Honor speech!

This stuff seriously makes me wish I were just having a tiny destination wedding though. But then I’m sure that wouldn’t go over so well with the families. Then again, mine might not care so much haha.

I am craving Disney World. It’s so much fun reading about everybody’s trips and experiences on the forum, and seeing the pictures they took and hearing their reviews. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. I can’t wait to bring Bobby there. We will have so much fun!

The first time I ever went was with the band and I had a good time, but we didn’t stay on-site and I think that really adds a lot to the experience. I wish my wedding weren’t so far away šŸ™‚

I think we are still going to try and get our engagement pics done this winter! If money allows.

Alright I’m gonna get back to throwing crap in garbage bags.



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