day eight at an end!

So tomorrow is my 9th day on this diet. That makes today 8.  So that means that in the last 7 days i’ve lost nearly 7 lbs.

I’ll take it!!!

Honestly though, I think that when my first 17 days are up, I’m gonna go eat a cheeseburger.

And then I’ll start cycle two 😉

I’m gearing up for all the madness that will take place this summer. There really is so much. Also I am trying to think of the perfect gift for Bobby for his birthday July 19th.

I found an amazing cheap jersey dress at target to take with me to Atlantic City, but Tricia told me  one of the girls coming along bought like 20 of them for that weekend so I am sure we will have the possibility of being twins at least one day haha… maybe she didn’t snag the color I got… but I don’t see how she could have passed it up, it’s such a pretty blue color.

Today was really nice. I didn’t get to see Bobby until later in the evening but when I finally did, it seemed to just top off what was a pretty feel-good day.

Tomorrow though, tomorrow there will be pain. I need to get this room clean.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!



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