Yesterday I realized that this is the longest I’ve gone without a piece of bread in my entire life. How pathetic is that? This is day six and i’ve managed to not fall off the wagon yet. I don’t know how, because I haven’t made it easy for myself. By that I mean, I haven’t kept a whole lot of variety of the foods on hand that I can eat, and last night when everyone was eating bananas filled with a combination of nutella and peanut butter…

Let’s just say I felt like the models that live off the vapors of regular people’s delicious food.

Yeah, this hasn’t been easy. But I’ve lost 6 pounds!

I was thinking of just starting the next cycle already, the carbs one day, this diet the next, carbs, this diet, carbs, this diet, you get the idea… but I guess I’ll keep going with this. The fact that this is the longest I have successfully carried out such an extreme diet (uh not eating bread for me is super extreme) is the thing pushing me forward at this point. It’s like ok, you’ve already gone 6 days, why not go 6 more, etc.

Plus it’s not like I won’t be able to eat my fav sushi or a delicious bagel some day.

I admit though, I am trying to convince bobby to let me take him out for sushi this weekend… I don’t think it’s gonna work LOL!!

Gotta get ready for work.


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