The past week was nice, but a little crazy. That’s just my life lately.

Right now I’m grappling with many different feelings, as usual I guess. The past week has been pretty decent, apart from my realization that there was no way I was going to have $600 for the bachelorette party by July 7 anymore. Not with the way bills have gone and other unexpected expenses. Being really stressed about that, I took $700 from my “BIG GIRL SAVINGS” … like.. my serious, serious stocky mutual fundy savings. Which, there is still over $2,000 left but I feel so guilty. I’d like to swallow that though and get over it, because it’s mine to make my own choices with. I need to just accept that and move on.

Anyway, the plan is to continue saving as much as I can for the weekend bash, but having that money as a padding in my account gives me a sense of security I have greatly lacked, adding to a lot of anxiety that I could do without while I focus on my other big task of slimming down.

I really don’t expect to spend $600 either, it’s just a precaution because you know all sorts of unexpected things can happen when you go out of town and I want to  feel secure that I can cover my own ass at least.

So anyway. I read the book called 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno  because it had really numerous positive reviews on amazon. The diet works in 17 day cycles. The first one, you’re basically cleansing your body of the excess carbs and sugar that is typical of most peoples diets. My typical day on the first cycle is 2 eggs for breakfast with fruit and green tea, a large salad for lunch with some type of liberal amount of protein, and dinner consists of basically the same as lunch – a lot of protien with a lot of vegetables. But you  get 2 fruit servings and two 6 oz. pro biotic servings to slap in there somewhere as well. So I can have another fruit for a snack later and have to make sure I get the yogurt in somewhere as well – maybe for dessert after lunch and dinner.

Anyway you also have to drink 8 glasses of water a day, and the green tea (which he suggests 3 times a day) doesn’t count toward that water allotment. So after all that liquid, you struggle with eating as much as it actually allots you to eat in the first place!

The first phase is meant to show you fast results to motivate you. He says that even if much of it is water weight, that is still a good thing, because carrying around excess water isn’t a good thing. Inflammation in the cells causes other undesirable things I guess.

Anyway, after the first day I weighed in 2.2 lbs lighter. Isn’t that awesome? I know. And he makes a great point, anyone can do anything for 17 days.

The next cycle re-introduces a few carbs and starches.  I believe that the point of the cycles is to switch up your routine so that your body can switch up the way it’s processing nutrients, thereby keeping the metabolism in check. Ya know, stretching all it’s muscles, ’cause eventually if you keep doing the same workout your body will just plateau and it won’t be as effective. That’s kind of the way the metabolism works, especially if you are a carb freak (and who isnt’?)

The third phase brings back even more I think. I haven’t read that one in great detail yet. But if by the 3rd you aren’t at your goal weight yet, you go back to phase one again and go from the beginning until you are comfortable with yourself. Then you can stick yourself in cycle 4, which maintains your weight.

And he made a great point, when he said that you can’t expect to be healthy and fit if you’re not always on some kind of “diet”, whether you refer to it as a lifestyle or what. You will always have to be selective with your choices. Also I believe in the 2nd or 3rd cycle it starts the “weekends off” where you can have reasonable amounts of the foods you don’t normally allow yourself to have.

But the reviews on amazon blew me away. If you are interested, look it up on there and read through some of them! Also, no one mentioned this in the reviews as far as I could see, but the book is ENTERTAINING. It’s really funny at times and keeps you positive and upbeat. I laughed out loud a lot when I was reading it.

The program claims you can lose between 10-12 lbs on the first cycle alone. With two down already on day 1, I can totally see that happening.

Plus it’s all basic food. You don’t have to prepare elaborate meals for yourself if you don’t have the time or desire. It’s very foolproof 🙂

So I’m stressed about the move I made with my money, stressed about needing to feel comfortable in cute clothes and dresses, stressed about BUYING said clothes and dresses, and constantly irritated and anxious because living at home can be hard sometimes. Also stressed about my wild beast of a dog because I can’t give her what she needs in a neighborhood she technically isn’t allowed to live in.

Lots of stuff.

But on the bright side? I am looking forward to making some awesome memories with my best friend, shopping for new clothes, taking lots and lots of pictures,  getting out of town with my fiance for the weekend, going to a waterpark with friends at the end of summer, etc.

ALL OF WHICH DEPEND GREATLY ON THE SUCCESS OF MY DIET. hahaha…. So you see where the pressure comes in…


Oh! And I got my haircut yesterday. The salon is the cutest thing I ever saw.. It’s in an old historical house and it is decorated SO  cute. there are like 8 rooms and an upstairs and a lower level and every room is cute as heck. Whether it’s a massage room, a manicure room, facial room, etc. Also I love the skinny little blonde girl that did my hair. I was so awkward and uncomfortable because I always am when I have to look at myself with scraggly wet dog hair at the hair dressers, but she made conversation with me and was really sweet, and gave me a tour of the place. Plus, most importantly, my hair looks the best it has in YEARS. I mean, the quality of this cut is something I just haven’t had, like, ever. Not exaggerating. My old hair lady was a family friend that would give me a dry cut in 5 minutes. This took an hour and every piece is perfect. 🙂 pleased I am.
That’s all I got for now.


4 thoughts on “craziness.

  1. cheetohs says:

    pic of new hair?

    • kmariam says:

      it’s pretty much not anything exciting except for the fact that it’s been done right for once!!! long layers. and my beachy wave style looks a lot better now. maybe pic tomorrow!

  2. christinaheart says:

    This book… it sounds intriguing. I may have to request that from the library soon.

    That’s a WHOLE lot of liquids, though!

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