Bobby and I were seriously discussing the possibility of moving in together next summer. I’m trying to come up with a reasonable grocery budget for us. Based on what I spend now at home for Dad and I, it’s typically around 40-50 every two weeks. I don’t buy us a lot though. Lunch meat, cheese, bread, milk, eggs, butter and whatever staple we are out of, like sugar. Sometimes I get canned goods also and spaghetti and chicken and ground round. But I only shop once every couple weeks and never spend more than $60, so I thought a reasonable amount for Bobby and I would be $200 a month.

Any thoughts or opinions?

I would make a separate household budget for things like paper products and cleaning supplies, around $50 a month.

On one of the sites, I found a young couple that spent no more than $200 but they seemed to be the exception. It shocked me to see that one man who lives alone, eats out for lunch and dinner spends over $800 a month on food!! He only buys breakfast items to keep at home. Crazy.

I figure that I will cook a real meal about 4x a week and 3 days we can eat leftovers. Maybe even cook 3 days and 4 days eat leftovers, not sure.


4 thoughts on “budgeting

  1. cheetohs says:

    $200/mo is veeeeeeery reasonable as long as you’re buying actual food and not like snacky cakes/cases of soda

    • kmariam says:

      We don’t buy snacky cakes or soda, so we’re all set there!! šŸ™‚ I feel unbelievably guilty buying those types of junk food haha. Bobby’s family does drink soda though, I’m sure he would want that.

  2. Christina says:

    A word of advice… definitely figure some “eating out” money into the food budget. Cooking dinner is fun and leftovers are awesome… but sometimes the joy of eating food made by someone else is just priceless. (Even if it’s just a sub from a local pizza shop or something.)

    But I still think $200 will cover most of a grocery budget (if you shop carefully and thoughtfully).

    I should take a good hard look at what I actually spend per month. I know I usually spend ~$25/meal when I’m cooking for my family (of 4). So it can add up quickly.

    • kmariam says:

      Restaurant money was going to come from our personal leftover allowances, so like, however much we have left after bills, savings, and allotted to other things, that’s the excess we have to use for the month and if we have it, we can go out, if not, we suck it up! Haha that’s the plan so far. I should budget a little for at least 2 dining-out experiences per month anyway. Maybe like $80 a month, which will force us to go to one really nice place once a month or to a regular place twice, could even squeak out 3 depending on where we go! Haha.

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