the grass is never greener…

OK so even though I want to be doing about a zillion different things right now (exercising, cleaning, etc) I spent the last hour or so creeping on facebook while painting my nails. (my throat is super sore and I feel like crap)  But listen.

I was creeping on famous people that you would think have it all put together and who are incredibly happy because they’re making tons of money, but no.

So I found the “real” Haley Reinhart and after she accepted me I saw some other people on her profile, like from DWTS for instance. Chelsea Kane (the blonde disney star on DWTS) commented on something and I clicked her out of curiousity.

I sat there looking around long enough realize it’s actually her, which is pretty sad, because she is pathetic (but so am I, for creeping.. but you can tell it’s real when they have a ton of pictures that you probably couldn’t just get off the internet, behind the scene crap and phone pics and everything). Honestly, these people are nothing but drama (not haley, at least not yet!) and craziness. CRAZINESS! I know I shouldn’t be surprised… but the maturity level is like a two on a scale of ten. And she is supposedly 22 years old.

But it kind of made me realize that I’m lucky to be me, and normal. Because I’ve got my shit packed a lot harder than people like that… (that didn’t really work, did it?) It’s also kind of sad though. Because she would say something about not eating for two days because she’s a fatty. Really? I mean, if you’re fat, what does that make me? Is a woman ever comfortable in her skin? It makes me want to just accept myself, flabby parts and all, to avoid ever having that kind of self loathing. I mean, I know what I accept of myself and what I don’t, (i don’t think I have a distorted image of myself) but even now, I want to just accept myself even though I really dislike myself at the moment just to avoid ever being like her.

Anyway I’m grateful right now. To be normal. I’m crazy, but i’m not that crazy. I’m seriously not exaggerating the craziness. I don’t even have a specific example to share because it’s all one big clusterfuck after reading through it for so long, but it’s like every day is wah wah i hate love i hate men im so depressed, etc. DRAMA!

I would never want to be in the spotlight like those people. Holy guacamole! Anyway, reading about all the DWTS drama in her posts kind of turns me off of the show.

Which is good, because being addicted to one season of a show like that is enough.

But yeah this is the lamest moment I’ve had in 2011 to date.


2 thoughts on “the grass is never greener…

  1. cheetohs says:

    i don’t know what a lot of this means. i don’t own a tv anymore…the most i get to watch is a few minutes at the gym every day while i’m changing.

    but a few notes on celebrity:

    quite frankly, russell brand tells me all i need to know.

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