wedding bands

So… $1,058.49 … we now have our wedding bands LOL… but we got $100 off with our holiday dollars so that brought it down to $958. STILL A LOT but we feel great for having them… it will be one less thing out of the way that ‘s already paid for by the time the big day comes. Not only that, but the lady told us the price of gold just keeps increasing so we are better off this way. Here they are! (a bad phone-in-car pic)… but i honestly thought we would spend like max $500 on our bands…. go figure! Mine sparkles soo brilliantly in the right light though haha… I love it.

I love them!! Bobby was going to get one of those Tungsten ones, is that what they are called? Or no, I think it was Triton? But you can’t really get those re-sized if you lose or gain weight and with our wedding being 2 years away we’d rather be safe than sorry… so we got him white gold. His cost almost as much as mine, which is quite funny to me. His is 10k and mine is 14k. The difference in price between the 10 and 14k in the mens was astronomical!!!

I wanted this one that kind of had a diamond twist at first, but after seeing it compared to my engagement ring, it didn’t look that great. Since that band is flat also, it goes more nicely with my cathedral setting. So yeah! I’m excited that we have them and I can’t wait to see what his parents think of them.

That’s that.

[Edit to add some more photoz!]

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