ever just the same, ever a surprise

Let me just say, Pandora on the Disney station has opened a new door to the room of Happy for me. At work, while I’m “cleaning”  … Today was really kind of neat, but also perplexing and I feel like I might have stepped out of my shell a little without ever having intended to do so when I woke up this morning.

First- the dress I’m wearing to the bridal shower came in last night, and after mulling it over and sending pictures to Bobby, we both kind of decided it sucks. Surprisingly, I didn’t really loathe the sight of myself in a dress like I thought I would. Not one tear was shed at the sight of myself in a dress. (This is progress people, because jeans in a dressing room can cause mental hysterics, but I digress…) It just didn’t look right. I felt like it wasn’t flattering AT ALL.

So at work today I was talking to Tricia (i love fb chat at work!) and showed her the same pictures I showed Bobby and she thought it was really cute. So I was making surprised noises aloud and Kaitlan, my co-worker & friend, asked what the deal was. I showed her the pictures and she agreed with Tricia. I told her it was in the car stuffed in the bag it came in, and she told me to try it on for her.

So I tried it on and she said it’s flattering and slimming. OK but listen, I thought it was the exact opposite of those very things.. but then Anna, my most brutally honest friend, didn’t automatically give it the hook either so now I am just really confused. Because I was so set on taking it back. I’m gonna try it on in person for Bobby tomorrow. I might still end up returning it, but here it is (from the forever21 site):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway but yeah I think I was riding high on the fact that I seriously didn’t hate myself as much as I thought I would in a dress.

Second- The boss threw me a little (and I do mean little…) bone earlier this year. Today we were talking again (well.. not the actual “boss” but my co-worker who has kind of taken over the place to the point of being a “general manager”) and he said that he wants me to take more of a leadership position, because being the editor and in charge of the editorial doesn’t mean much if I don’t have a say in things and so he wants to give people the option of coming to me with questions about editions, etc., and he said that he’s talked to “THE” boss about giving me more of a raise to reflect these things because he trusts my judgment about things and essentially wants to keep me happy so I stick around. Works for me! Who knows if that will happen or not, we’ll see. But it sure would be nice because…. (and now for point three)

Third- I got around to craving a lazy river today thanks to Anna’s amazing life, and Kaitlan told me about Sand Castle in Pittsburgh. Apparently it has an amazing lazy river. SO this fueled an intense desire to have an end of summer (after all the wedding business is done and we have time to recharge our wallets) bash there. Kaitlan said the four of us (her and I and our manly men) should go. Her boyfriend lives in Pittsburgh and she said we could probably stay with them, but I’d rather get a hotel. There’s a waterfront hotel there that’s not even a mile away from the park. I’m very excited for it, because it’s an excellent opportunity for a rare getaway and it’s extremely affordable, as far as those things go. So i’m pleased. It’s not Disney World but it will more than suffice. Also, it is extra motivation, because I don’t want to look like crap while I’m layin’ in my tube okay.

Bobby and I have yet to go swimming together. Amazing!

So yeah I think that’s it. Now i’m just trying to clean my room and failing… But it will get straightened out by the end of the weekend. K That’s all folks, thanks for suffering through. (I still miss vox, because now we all talk to ourselves).

Au revoir.


One thought on “ever just the same, ever a surprise

  1. cheetohs says:

    so i loved your comments and i don’t want to just talk to myself anymore either. own that fucking dress. i’m sure you look gorg in it! geez…is it really that bad for ladies though? even just in jeans in a dressing room mirror? i feel for y’all!

    keep up the good work at your job. you’ll know you’re in a good place when the management realizes that star performers need to be continually appraised in order to keep them around 🙂

    lazy river. mmm that sounds so good right now. sandcastle is a lot of fun. ESPECIALLY if you want to feel good about your body. the most unsightly people in the burgh come out to sandcastle on a regular basis. sad but true. you’ll feel like a goddess there compared to most others! and i’m not saying that you’re not a goddess otherwise 😛

    keep posting. i’ll keep reading. and commenting!

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