OK you guys – be proud! I made a salad for lunch. With avacado on it. And some crushed up crackers and a little tiny bit of mozzarella cheese…  but I dressed it with lemon  and salt and pepper. Marc’s sells these huge plastic tubs of salad mix for a little under $4. Which I find to be a huge deal because 1. they are organic and that’s cheap for organic anything 2. you get the amount of at least 4 of those “regular sized” bags of salad. 2. they are more interesting than just iceberg! and 3. they are dry, and not all wet and soggy gross like the bagged salads. i think this helps them last longer.

So yeah.

And today marks 1,000 days to the wedding. LOL. Sounds lame of me to be excited but I’ve been waiting for 1,000 for a long time. We’ve been engaged over a year already!!

And all I can think about is the honeymoon ’cause I want a VACATION soo bad right now. Sigh!


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