dining room set!

I found this set on amazon for $189. It’s the table and the chairs! It was originally (supposedly) around $500 so I couldn’t pass it up. I’m a newbie at buying furniture but that sounded like a really great deal to me. Hopefully it will arrive in good quality!

I’m planning on actually moving out this Fall (all my debt will be paid off by then, that’s the plan anyway!). I may wind up having to get rid of HoneyBear but that’s the way the cookie will crumble if it’s gonna happen. Who knows, she may shape up by then but this is pretty much the last shot she’s got.

I was going to wait to move out. And who knows… it may have to be that way by then. But right now this possibility is breathing new happiness and shedding a light in the dark dark tunnel of my life at the moment (it’s not THAT bad but home can be a pretty lousy place to be when i am stuck in my room trying to be quiet because my dad works midnights and everything… just hard to do what i want to do when i want to do it, so nothing gets done!)

But yeah. I also applied for an amazing job in Erie, so we’ll see if that pans out but who knows, they may not even call me for an interview! Praying!  I’m also due for a raise in March which is supposedly going to be in the works after our home and garden edition rolls out. Crossing my fingers! Probably won’t be much but every bit will help.

I feel kind of silly having bought this but, I will need it if I move out this fall and I thought it was a great deal!!


2 thoughts on “dining room set!

  1. christinaheart says:

    I bought my $200 pots and pans set before I moved out. It was a decent deal and I knew I’d need things like that when I was on my own. Bonus: They should last me a good portion, if not all, of my life. Woot!

    It’s a cute dining room set! Mine’s kind of ghetto because I don’t have chairs that match the table. I might paint them when spring time comes, but I haven’t decided for sure yet. It drives me a little crazy that they don’t match. Haha.

    • kmariam says:

      Thanks! I think it will look really good. I found a lot of kitchen accessories (napkin holder, paper towel holder, etc) that kind of match the style of the back of the chairs but I won’t buy those until I actually have a lease signed haha!

      I definitely need to invest in some pots and pants too! I have like one big pot that my mom gave me and that’s it.

      That will be a fun project for the spring =)

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