Day 6

“A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.”

When Bobby and I went to Charm, OH for some amish country cabin fun, we stopped at a flea market and there I fell in love with pugs. I was holding a black pug puppy in my arms and it was just sleeping so peacefully on my chest. Several minutes later when I went to return her (Peaches, according to her tag) to her little holding cell, she tried desperately to stay in my arms. It broke my heart, and I hope she has a super fantastic home right now. I’m sorry I couldn’t give her one at the time! It was really hard walking away from her.

I am stuck now with our rambunctious little misbehavin’ pit bull. I don’t regret rescuing her, but I know that when the time comes for us to start a family, we’re going to have to find her a new home unless she shapes up. It’s very difficult now. I know what we need to do because I’ve read all the books and all of the tips… but knowing is a lot easier than implementing. She is technically illegal in my town. I think they only enforce the law when someone’s pet becomes a problem, but I am self conscious about walking her around town. SO she doesn’t get the exercise she needs. IN addition… she and the cat do NOT get along, so they are on separate stories. I want to try treadmill training the dog. I know she needs more of an exercise routine. I’m getting better at disciplining her and letting her know who’s boss, but because our schedules and interactions are so inconsistent, it’s hard for her to receive that consistent discipline she needs.

She is finally a year old, so hopefully in a couple years we’ll have worked it all out! I haven’t given up on her yet. Oh-  and she has destroyed a total of 3 kongs (one being an extreme) and ate a NYLABONE down to a PEG within a month. So I have discovered my savior – a beef femur bone. The best $11.99 I have ever, ever spent. 🙂


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