Day 2

Day 2: a photo of something I ate.

One of the women that contributes regularly to the paper brought these in today. Three styrofoam packages worth of cookies from burger king. LOL I can’t even imagine the look on the person who took that order. It was a ridiculous amount of cookies. I may have accidentally eaten like 10 of them over the course of the day. I felt like Santa Claus.

But yeah, cookies. Cookies cookies. I also had a pepperidge farm gingerbread cookie. If you like the idea of gingerbread more than the taste, go for the pepperidge farm ones. They’re not in-your-face ginger and they are perfect for pairing with hot tea! =)

My evening has been lame and lonely! I unraveled my ridiculous scarf I’d been knitting because I somehow went from 35 rows (stitches, cast ons, what are they called?) to 56? I know now what I was doing wrong, but geeez. I was practicing my purl stitch when i dropped like two whole stitches so I said forget it and unraveled the entire thing. That was fun! It felt sad but excitingly destructive haha! What an intriguing life I lead.

I’ve just been bored out of my mind. Speaking of which, my mind is day dreaming in a little compartment that is adjacent to the rest of the going-ons. I keep catching glimpses of vacation destinations. I was also consciously looking up Disney rates earlier as well, but it’s funny. It’s been brewing inconspicuously beneath the rest of the day-to-day for the past couple weeks. Despite the fact that my wedding is over 1,000 days away, I’m acutely aware of how real it feels now. It’s so funny how peoples reactions can set the tone for all of that. But that’s life, our perceptions bounce off others and kind of morph to fit around the way everyone else reacts.

It has been hard to stay warm today- but I have to try again. To the blankets I go.  Goodnight!


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