you’re the reason that i decorate my yard

So.. today, or technically yesterday, the 10th… our two year anniversary celebration. We had a very interesting experience today. After our delicious sushi date we went to the movies.

I haven’t talked about it much because I basically quit blogging lately but in the time Bobby and I have been dating, so many girls have run up to him when they have seen us together in public and have just started gushing and rambling and smiling with that glassy look in their eyes… matter of fact, i remember typing that, so I must have talked about it at some point LOL… but every experience like that has given me a very negative feeling toward these situations whenever I anticipate that they are about to happen. Like it has happened so many times you guys, I am not even exaggerating. Bobby can vouch. Every time they completely ignore me even if I’m staring right at them.

So tonight, on our anniversary, sitting in a completely dark movie theater, can you guess what happens? Yes friends. I swear he must glow in the dark. Even I couldn’t see him and I was sitting right next to him. Apparently a girl he used to work with sat right in front of us and realized upon having been sitting there for 5 minutes that he was right behind us. Which ok, movie theater, no big deal but in the dark? How do you even see him? It’s ridiculous. Can’t even have a night of him all to myself on our anniversary lol.

That might make me sound bad, but if you’ve had to experience half the encounters I have, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And it would be different if they acknowledged me. I don’t hate every female Bobby knows. In fact, when we first began dating he was judging his old high school’s art show and one girl was really sweet and introduced herself to me and said she’d heard all kind of good things about me, etc. And I’d never even heard her name prior to this encounter with her. She was so nice.

If every girl we ran into was this courteous to me, it would be a completely different story. It’s so damn frustrating. He realizes it now, but in the beginning he didn’t until I pointed out to him why I was getting frustrated. He actually told me on the phone tonight something like “yeah i know what you mean now, like the last time I was waiting for the girl to look at you or say hi or anything and the conversation was just over and she just walked away without even looking at you”… exactly. Thank you for understanding Bobby. I love you. Lol.

So much disrespect though. It drives me crazy.

But good news… Bobby and I went to the jewelry store yesterday to get my ring cleaned and inspected. Little did I know that’d  be the last time I ever saw the ring he proposed to me with! He ended up turning it in to purchase an actual solitaire engagement ring. It was kind of an out of body experience. I wanted to cry in the jewelry store but I spared him. (I did love the ring he proposed to me with, and I would have been happy with it forever and ever! But he really wanted to do this, and he got a great deal on it by turning the other ring in). So he put it on my finger when we got to his house, in front of his parents. His mom got all teary eyed and after we ate dinner his dad mentioned that he thinks we are a great couple and he sees how happy Bobby is, and that I’m the nicest girl Bobby has dated and etc… just so many things that made me feel really, really good. It was heartwarming 🙂

But to his parents it is more official now for some reason. I think they really considered the last one a legit “pre-engagement” ring. And I think this attitude about it all has Bobby and myself feeling like it is more official as well. It’s just a silly thing. But here is the ring, it’s beautiful and the picture doesn’t do it justice.

the ring!

I’m sorry it’s so big! It only lets me crunch it down to 60%!!! ahh!!


Anyway… yesterday was a lot of excitement about this… Plus we got a certificate that is 100 off if you spend at least $300 and it’s good until June of 2011, so we can go back and get our wedding bands before too long. That’s one more thing out of the way ya know!

And I am truly impressed with Bobby. Just the fact that he really wanted to spend all this extra money to get me a “more official” ring and the fact that he went to his bank today to open a savings account specifically so we can both deposit money into it for the wedding …. it just really says a lot about him. I am a very, very lucky girl.


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