firmly lodged.

I hate feeling holed up in my room. Bobby is studying for finals, my best friends are either practically married living with their SO, married, or in an entirely different state.

I planned on doing a little more cleaning tonight and putting up my little Christmas tree in my room, but my dad went to sleep the second I got home from work today and that keeps me from doing things like making myself dinner, turning on lights to see in the cellar, etc. Annoying.

So I’m reduced to sitting here. I caught up on another episode of season 3 of  True Blood. I can’t believe Bill had sex with Lorena. I mean it really shouldn’t have surprised me. But I hate him all over again. I hated him after I finished the books, but watching the first couple of seasons had me feeling pretty neutral again. This stirred the pot a bit. Poor Sookie.  I can’t wait to see her relationship with Eric evolve in the TV show.

Anyway, enough TB nerdiness. I’m a little stir crazy. Besides that, I spent the entire day staring at a computer screen at work and here I am yet again. My options are finding someplace to store all the crap I need to take out of my room, or to lay in bed and knit. And I don’t want to do either. I want to eat dinner and cuddle with my man.

Friday is our anniversary. Two years. It feels like it should be longer! We plan on going out for dinner – sushi – and going to see a movie or something. Just a nice night out.

I have serious Christmas shopping to do with tomorrows paycheck. So I sincerely hope it isn’t going to be too short due to being off a couple days for thanksgiving. Ugh.

I’m just rambling because I’m bored…

I need my own place! Is it September yet? Sigh.


4 thoughts on “firmly lodged.

  1. Ashley says:

    I can’t believe you two have been together TWO years. It seems like yesterday that you were like “OMG HE TALKED TO ME!” lol. Congrats on that 🙂

  2. Christina says:

    The more True Blood you watch, the less you’ll like Bill. I haven’t gotten all the way through yet, but he does some pretty shitty stuff so far. And I want to see more Eric anyway.

    I feel holed up and busy at the same time. I guess it’s because I work, I eat and then I sleep. There hasn’t been much variation lately.

    Have fun on your sushi date! I’m so hungry for sushi and Thai. I should probably force someone to get one or the other with me this weekend.

    The knitting thing reminded me of the crazy idea I had for curtains. I quickly decided that I don’t have the attention span for it, but I considered knitting curtains for my living room.

    I guess I’m still considering it, but it would have to be a loose knit and that wouldn’t give me a whole lot of privacy.

    Not to mention, that’s a lot of knitting.

    • kmariam says:

      Wow curtains are ambitious! I am still trying to get my scarf down. I get so sleepy at night these days though and i wind up falling asleep after one row haha!! I hope you find someone to eat amazing food with this weekend =)

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