new exciting wedding plans

I truly wish I had a cup of steaming coffee in front of me at the moment… however, I do not. So bear with me. I’ve been doing nothing all day and that just makes me more tired (nice though!).

A couple weeks ago over some beer and starburst martini 😉 at Buffalo Wild Wings, Bobby and I came up with something new and fantastic for our wedding. I am actually super excited about these plans so I feel like we will stick with them. We have lots of time to change our mind again, but I really am in love with this idea.

The new date? Saturday, December 7, 2013.  We were going to do it in August since that was when we initially met, but we want to take our Honeymoon during a time when it’ll be blustery and cold at home. Maybe we will appreciate it more :).

This way, we can get married on Saturday and leave for our Honeymoon on Sunday. We’re going to Disney World and we’ll be able to see it all dressed up for Christmas, something I’ve never experienced before. And Bobby is new at Disney period. I know it won’t be super warm down there but it will still be fun. I think we’ll only be chilly in the morning and at night.

Another awesome point is that we began dating on Dec. 10 and we’ll be down there for our dating anniversary :). Bobby proposed to me on Dec. 5, 2009. So if you were to ask me, I’d say December is a pretty good month for us!

OK but about the wedding – some details that I’d like to see come to fruition. The main color is going to be a deep satin emerald green, accented with white and silver. I want my bouquet to consist of white roses (or perhaps some other beautiful white flower.. i’m not sure but I think these will stunning with the next point) and I want them tipped with silver. And I want green things embellishing it up. I am imagining those twirly wood sticks they put in arrangements that are glittery and beautiful, only something a little more special to make it pop. And I’ll find some shiny silver pumps to wear.

For the reception we’re thinking of silver branches – maybe in a hurricane type of vase? with pine cones and/or cranberries beneath/around them. Depending on how tall we make those, I’m also considering alternating some tables to have a really dramatic tall display of some type of dark green flowers, instead of the regular tealight in a shallow water bowl… which I find charming but you see it everywhere. Maybe we can fix up the silver branches to house the tealights.. hmm..

Anyway that is what is floating around in my head at the moment. I love this idea. I think we will love getting away right before Christmas and experiencing that together. We’ll come home right in time for our first Christmas together married, after getting extremely excited about it in Disney. SO maybe the post-vacation blues will be headed off by the holiday, haha. Who knows, maybe it will just make the quiet of January even worse! But I think not.

I can’t wait to marry this man.

He sent me this picture today with the message: This is all you’re getting for Christmas ;p

Verrrry funny!!

Aren’t they precious though? I love them.

I am not in love with wordpress like I was in love with vox, so I’m not inclined to post nearly as often.. not only that but I knew how to update easily with my phone on vox and here I am clueless and making no real effort to become clue… clue.. what’s the opposite of clueless? clued in?

SO yeah. I am boring and that’s also why I didn’t finish the OC trip report haha. Perhaps I will, just in the name of completeness.

I hope all of my long lost neighbors have had a wonderful holiday.


4 thoughts on “new exciting wedding plans

  1. egoss44 says:

    thats awesome:) sounds like its going to be an amazing wedding. i hope i can plan one, one day..maybe. lol

  2. Ashley says:

    I’m also not in love with WP and thus I don’t really post anymore. It’s pretty sad:(
    However, I’m uber excited about your wedding planning!

    • kmariam says:

      =) thanks Ashley

      sixapart really did us all a favor by booting us off of vox and trying to force us to use their paid typepad… i spend a lot less time online now! lol

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