really? … really?

So at what point do you think it’s okay to bring your boyfriend over on a holiday and stay in your old gutted-out room at your dads house, which by the way, your sister is the sole occupant of the upstairs now and the bathroom door is still a shower curtain because when dad re-did the bathroom he held off on the most important part for some reason or another. At no point is it okay to stay the night with your boyfriend when I don’t even have the privacy of a door on the bathroom.

Sorry, but the town you live in isn’t that far away you deadbeat.

Next time get a motel.  Or drive your ass home.

And I hope you enjoy the sounds of my treadmill bright and early in the morning.


Disclaimer: (I would be easier on my sister if she weren’t a huge bitch to me the majority of my life. She is the type of person who ruins every holiday for me by pointing out a flaw or saying something to intentionally upset me in front of people. She is also 4 years older than me and acts about 10 years younger. I’m 24. This was the first Thanksgiving she wasn’t present for while I was visiting the rest of my family and it was the happiest one I have ever had. True story.)


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