things just get so crazy, livin’ life gets hard to do

Sunday morning and I am awake at 8 a.m.

Since re-discovering weekends, something I haven’t really had the pleasure to enjoy in 9.5 years, I have been doing absolutely nothing but letting myself sleep in zombie mode on almost every one of them. Which was excusable in my condition for a period of time, but ultimately I need to stop being a bum.

It feels kind of good though. I am enjoying this still-kind-of-dark thing…

I want tea, maroon 5 and a project.

Unfortunately… first I need to get dressed in an appropriate way to go to the kitchen in, finish downloading the new itunes and have a room clean enough to actually be creative in. But hey at least i’m cool with this rising-with-the sun stuff.

On Monday, things are going to kind of switch hands at work. My boss is handing the reigns of the operation to our salesperson who will be able to handle it and make the appropriate decisions. He himself will still sell for the business, but will now have the time to be able to make visits to clients and focus on his other business (kind of pyramid schemish, but whatever dude). I’m hoping things are going to get even better. This past week hasn’t been so hard to handle really, but I think things will improve even more over the next several months.

I long for my own place in pretty regular intervals. I want to bake and cook delicious meals and actually sit in my own living room and work out in front of it and just enjoy life. Second-hand smoke free.

I don’t like spending much time in the kitchen because the downstairs typically has a very unhealthy ozone.

June cannot come fast enough… and hopefully this time it will actually happen. I think I might go crazy if it falls through one more time.



One thought on “things just get so crazy, livin’ life gets hard to do

  1. bobby24s says:

    It won’t fall through sweetheart. It will happen, just wait and see :). I know you have dreamt about this day for so long, and it is finally almost here! I am excited for you :D. Maybe you can find a place close to me! Haha, but hey I dont want you driving like 65 minutes to get to your work haha. I love you sweetheart, our dreams wil grow into fruition soon enough. You are my world.

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