Have you ever considered that maybe sometimes things happen specifically because we don’t want them to? If you’ve known me for any length of time, you’re familiar with my views on God/spirituality… I’m not certain of how the world winds its cranks ok, or how they got there in the first place. I don’t think anyone is, and I don’t think I could be convinced one way or another just because someone said so this one time long long ago, and then another someone wrote it down and then lots of other someones repeated it.

That aside, assuming there is some sort of order to the universe, regardless of what it all entails… if the “universe” wanted to teach us a lesson to become a better person, or to work through issues we specifically have, maybe sometimes we sabotage our own destiny by fretting over things and fearing them so much to the point that they happen to us for the sole purpose of us having to learn how to get through that situation and grow from it.

Sometimes I get paranoid about being paranoid. In other words, I feel as though if I worry about something happening that probably won’t happen, I increase my chances of it happening.

Is it easier to believe that life is on a track? You can pull the switches and make it go one way or another, but ultimately, the track and all its vistas have already been decided?

I think it is comforting to imagine your life being anything you are capable of making it… but the world is not fair. Some people are not capable, no matter how strong their will. What about them?


Life is like a very unevenly frosted cake, isn’t it? Moist in the middle, dry and crispy around the edges… over and underwhelming, satisfying and disappointing… but it’s cake, right? So would you rather have dry cake with very little frosting, or no cake at all?


One thought on “wonderment

  1. egoss44 says:

    hey can i have ur password for your protected post?? its ooookay if you dont want to. i just love reading what you write:)

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