lush & a b-ette party

So the other day I realized lush came out with several new bombs and I couldn’t help myself. I ordered them. One had been out for awhile, Space Girl, but the other three I got are new from the summer.

Space Girl. "Commencing bath-time, taps are on"

Dragons Egg. "Crackling Sherbet Scented Fireball"

Twilight. "Dreamy lavender and ovaltine froth for sweet dreams."

Mrs. Whippy "Super softening strawberries and cream fizzer. "

I also got one bubble bar that I’ve been wanting to try that is also relatively new-ish

Dorothy "Follow the yellow brick road over the rainbow and into a tubful of bubbles"

And finally, a Soft Coeur massage bar. I love this bar. It is the most magically scented thing ever.

Soft Coeur "Chocolate and honey massage bar for romantic nights in "

Of course, the massage bar was reduced to pure liquid and chocolate flakes by the time it arrived so I had to stick it in the freezer. It isn’t heart shaped anymore, but it’ll get the job done.

My friend Elizabeth is getting married in October and her Bachelorette party is tonight. It’s in downtown Pittsburgh, so Tricia and I are gonna try to stop at the Lush store in that area before we hit the restaurant we’re eating at. I think it’s Bravo.  I got her one of those blank malibu rum bottles that comes with markers so everyone can write on it, and we’re gonna stop at Ambiance before we hit Pittsburgh. Then in Pittsburgh we’re gonna see if we can afford any Lush goodies for her haha. I will probably spend another $50… on myself. Anyway… ’till next time. I will update my little OC trip report soon.


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