OC Day 1: Continued

Upon arrival at La Bonita Beach  Hotel, (I added the La for fun) we proceeded to do the check-in thing. Here are some pictures of the place:

On the top floor, we had the supremo view of the neat sky ceiling

See what I mean?!

A snapshot looking down.. the pool was on the 3rd floor. We never visited it. We stayed on the 5th floor.

And the elevator we just came from:

Very exciting.

Of course I had to get the special “First Entry” picture.

This is Bobby's mom, and I really hope she isn't mad that her picture is on the internet LOL

She played along very nicely. God bless her.

Caught one of Bobby on the way in. This was the kitchenette area and on the other side where I was taking the picture was the bathroom.

Beds. We got the one on the left there

Little sitting area. There was a table and two chairs across from this. It was a roomy room!

I should also mention that is a pull out couch, which was not used, thankfully. It was the most god awful uncomfortable thing to sit on so I can only imagine what you’d feel like in the morning if you woke up on that thing.

And the view from our balcony.. to the left is the ocean.

So after we freshened up, we decided we’d go to dinner. We planned on going to Phillips. Phillips, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the dining options in OC, is a ridiculously expensive sea food buffet. There is a “regular” part of the restaurant as well. But if you go upstairs for the buffet, prepare to spend $30 per person. It is kind of amazing though, the variety. In any case.. we waited for the bus at the…

Bus stop!

That’s right. It was right across from the hotel so I took the opportunity to get some primo outside shots.

There she is.

So finally we boarded the bus. The wait for these is really not all that long. Supposedly they come every 15 minutes. Sometimes, you’ll wait 15 minutes and get mad and start walking and then a few minutes later you see the bus pass you. So just wait for the bus. So we boarded the bus and got our little newspapery tickets. I thought it was pretty cool that they are made of newsprint. Not printed on newsprint, but the paper newspapers are printed on.

Anyway, It was around 4:30-5 when we actually got on the bus. The one that picked us up was CROWDED. And by crowded, I mean there was probably some kind of fire violation taking place. And that doesn’t happen very often. On buses. (Ever been to Disney world?)

So we stop at the stop after ours and some guy in the back yells “Mister, if you pick up anymore people I’m gonna be driving this bus” which was obviously a threat. The bus driver was not so talkative after that, and he actually passed up a few stops after remarking he “Don’t believe in leavin’ nobody behind.” That’s nice and everything, but sometimes you have to just accept the fact that only so many stinky people can fit on one bus. It’s not the Magic School Bus, come on.

There was a man in front of me that boarded after we did, and I learned later that Bobby gave him “the dirtiest fucking look” because apparently Mr. Long nose hairs was staring at me. I never put two and two together at the time, I was focused on shallow breathing and keeping myself upright, so I was concentrating on looking out the window. At one point, Bobby wrapped his arm around me so he was hanging on with one hand and his other one was literally wrapped across my chest from behind. Apparently this is when the dirty look happened, and apparently that was a really sweet “she is mine” gesture. I don’t know why, but I loved hearing about that. After all, I’m the one used to being jealous and always keeping myself mentally prepared to fight off the drones of bitches that try attaching themselves to my sexy, sexy fiance.

So anyway, we finally made it to Phillips!


We let Bobby’s mom and dad go first  to get their food so we could watch over our belongings at our table. During this time, we sneakily asked our waitress to separate the order into two so that Bobby and I would be paying for our own meals. I mean, 30×4 is a lot!! Holy crap!

Here are some of my choices:


I got the rotisserie chicken jus tin case, but there was a plethora of choices at that buffet. Also on my plate were red skinned mashed potatoes, hush puppies, fried clam strips, some kind of crab florentine stuff, a crab cake and a crab pastry.

And who could forget these:


They were extremely difficult for me to eat, but they were so worth it. I had no idea if I would really enjoy eating them. the first time I tried, I was actually at Red Lobster with my sister Jami, and Bobby and I were texting.. this is before we actually went out on our first date, before we even made plans to see one another. I told him how scary they were. Haha.. but these were truly good. They were kinda cold by the time I got to them, because I tried everything else on my plate first. I’m sure they’d be even better actually steamin’ hot.

If you are ever there and have never tried this place, I highly recommend. If you love sea food, I’m sure the $30 is really well worth it. There was so much to choose from.. so much! Oysters and scallops and even ribs. There was mac n cheese and a ton of other things I can’t remember. Lots of shrimp too. So much! Anyway… I enjoyed most of it. The crabcake here was kind of fishy for my taste and so was the crab thing in the foil pouch.

At one point Bobby’s dad went to the restroom and while he was on the toilet, someone shut the lights out on him. There were no windows in the room so it was pitch black. So the moral of the story is, if you go to Phillips, bring a flashlight! Girls, you’re alright. There’ s a window in our bathroom.

After dinner we crossed a block and went over to the boardwalk. I think we bought some souvenirs. Bobby and I both bought hoodies because it was relatively chilly this night. This was the day that everyone was saying the weather was worse than it was on the day the hurricane “blew in.” It was just really windy! We snapped some pictures.

I was pretty gross and greasy this day due to not having a shower that morning. Traveling is rough. Of course, Bobby was lookin’ good as always. I loved his wind-fluffed hair! I do not know what was up with the thumbs up. I guess it was a thumbs up kind of day.

Primo example of Bobby's wind-fluffed hair.

I also took some ocean pictures but they were underwhelming due to the far proximity from actual ocean. Not to worry, I took no less than 150 shots of up-close ocean!

We wrapped it up after this. Went back to the hotel, took some showers and called it a night!

Up next: What did we eat on day 2? Since that’s the only exciting thing (food) about this trip report.


3 thoughts on “OC Day 1: Continued

  1. Judy says:

    You both are such a cute couple 🙂

  2. Ashley says:

    You two are so effing cute.

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