Ocean City: Day 1

We had an amazing weekend! Could not have asked for better weather. It was awesome! Here goes my little trip report!

I got to Bobby’s around 8:00 on Wednesday night. We were all going to go to bed early until his mom realized the Big Brother finale didn’t end until 11. So after watching that, (I think I might actually have to watch the entire season next time… this one finally caught my interest at the finale haha) after ‘toasted cheese sandwiches’, we started getting ready to go to bed. He blew up the big air mattress that turns into a hammock within a few hours and we managed to sleep somehow, not without waking up in the middle of the night multiple times to pee and put more air in the mattress

I don’t know why, but whenever I’m not at home I pee a lot at night! Weird. Around 4:00 we headed over his grandparents and dropped off Bridget (the dog) and said our farewells. His grandma and grandpa gave me a hug and gave us each ten dollars, it was cute! I love them, they are such sweet people.

I tried to catch a picture as the sun rose but it was hard… it was such a beautiful morning! We slept on and off, but I was really uncomfortable because I was having awful cramps that morning. They lasted a couple days actually, which sucked, but eventually my body got itself together.

he was sleepy 🙂

I snapped a picture of Bobby and his mom managed to get a semi-decent picture of the sunrise after awhile.

We stopped for breakfast at the Gateway Travel Plaza. It was a fancy truck stop.

In the bathroom, there was graffiti in one of the stalls that said “I wish my husband was dead” scrawled real big. It was awful! LOL. We also got breakfast here. I had french toast, Bobby had sausage and gravy biscuits and his parents got the buffet. I really wasn’t impressed with mine, but hey… it was a truck stop.

Back on the road again 🙂

Eventually we made it to the Bay Bridge

entering the bridge...

It’s really difficult to take pictures on that thing! You can’t see over the rails for anything with your camera so it’s not worth bothering. I did anyway, of course… but the pictures are so underwhelming there is no point in sharing them.

We stopped at a Harley store in Annapolis, or some place like that. His parents got their t-shirts and pins, etc, and then we got back on the road.

We finally made it to Coastal Highway.

I took pictures of one of the tacky mini golf courses and other various street scenes

tacky mini golf course

public transportation

Those buses are nice. Sometimes. You pay $2 for a bus pass and ride from whenever you buy it to 6 a.m. every day. Don’t catch one at rush hour though… more on that in a bit.

Eventually we made it to our hotel.

We stayed at Bonita Beach, which is ocean side and on 81st St. It was perfect for slipping out onto the beach. It’s so far from the boardwalk that there is never anybody on it. We made it to the hotel a little after 3, so the trip was pretty long.

Up next: Inside the hotel and the rest of Day 1.


2 thoughts on “Ocean City: Day 1

  1. Christina says:

    Looks like an awesome time.

    I hate the drive to OC MD, but I love it so much once I get there. Haha. I’m always excited once we reach Coastal Highway, but then I remember that there’s so many red lights that I’ll still be another 45 minutes until I reach my hotel.

    I didn’t know about those buses. I’ll have to look into those when I go again… probably next year or the year after. It would be nice to be able to go places without having to navigate the roads myself.

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