stay beautiful

I’ve been on a Taylor Swift kick (also maroon 5 and jack johnson) lately. The song Mine makes me cry and I listen to it on repeat. Don’t know what’s up with that. It was a long day at work today. I went in around 9 a.m. and got done a little after 9 p.m. Deposited some checks in the ATM after work. Have any of you used that feature? I know Chase (my bank) and Bank of America have the ATM’s you can deposit checks in and they are available (a certain amount anyway) immediately. So cool! My bank teller at the drive-thru probably wonders where I’ve been lately. I used to deposit my check first thing every morning before work on Wednesdays lol. I love the majority of people I interact with at that window. There is one guy in particular who is always so nice and cheerful, he always makes me laugh.

I’m getting frustrated at work lately because I am one person doing a job that at least two people have always done. My boss expects more from me than the guy I replaced because this is what I went to school for. Which is fine, because I do perform way better than he did, but I get frustrated when I have 80 (out of like, 150, of which most are spam) e-mails to process in one day (processing consists of saving, printing and sorting.. this is not to mention the straight copy that gets mailed and faxed in that I must re-type) and format and edit them slow as heck because microsoft word documents take 100 hours to open on my computer at work. I guess I’m annoyed because I can’t do a better job than I’m doing when I am over worked and always rushing to get things done.

And since I am going on “vacation” this weekend and will not be in Thursday or Friday, it’s going to screw me over next week unless I come in on Monday, because the guy that was going to take over my job while I was gone is now going to miss work on Thursday because unfortunately, his mother may have to have open heart surgery.

If we weren’t running with so few people, this would not be a problem. Unfortunately, this is the reality and I have to deal with it. I’m gonna stay as long as I can tomorrow to get caught up on the incoming copy. I usually only do the e-mail newsletters on Wednesday and have an early day since Tuesday is such a long one, but it doesn’t matter because now that I’m the only one in editorial and we are picking up because kids are back in school, (more school news with all the events and activities) it’s going to be busy again and I’m gonna have to make it work somehow.

I really love what I do at my job. I  like that I help get the word out about all sorts of different things in the communities we serve. I like going through hundreds of e-mails and editing it all. I just hate that it’s always so rushed and frantic. I wish I still had someone to help me out part-time, formatting some copy for me so I can focus on other things that I still haven’t been able to accomplish. My boss wants me to do more than just process and format and edit copy, but being the only one, there is no time to be better.

I just can’t wait to get away for awhile. The only thing I really want to accomplish this trip to OC  is riding the big Ferris wheel haha. I really need to go pack. It’s already 11 and this is my only opportunity to get it done!!

Have a good week & weekend everyone!


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