ever lose a piece of yourself?

I can’t find my planner. This is bothersome for several reasons. I have lots of things written in it, for one. Personal things. I mean, I don’t spill my guts in my planner. But that’s not the point. I also have my work schedule for WAG in there, so I have no idea what time I’m supposed to go into work tomorrow.

I was cleaning my purse out today at the office… but I don’t recall even seeing my planner. It never occurred to me then for some reason. But now that I need it, I am freaking out. Ugh it just makes me mad. The other night, Bobby and I were at the movies and I dropped my purse. It fell in between the seat fold onto the floor and then I was pretty sure it wasn’t missing…. I don’t think it fell out then.. I just have absolutely no idea where it could be. I’m hoping it is either in my locker at WAG, on my desk at the office or somewhere else undetermined in my house.

I love my planner!  =(


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