prepare yourselves for an ultra-lame update!

So tonight Bobby and I went to the Canfield Fair. Oh, but before this, we had AMAZING lamb at his place. The sauce his parents make is unbelievable. I know I raved about this in the last post, but Lord, is it good. I don’t know what cuts of lamb they use. Lamb. It was cut in chunks and grilled to perfection and covered in this delicious lemon garlic sauce… sigh. Bobby had seconds, and he cleaned my plate after he cleaned his.

After this meal, we went to the movies. The cheap movies! We saw The Last Airbender. Let me say… bad acting. The little boy was impressive, and the waterbender girl was good. Her brother was an epic actor FAIL and everyone else really just didn’t do much for me. I thought the guy they had playing the “Prince” was … not fitting for the role? How do I put it… he just looked wrong. But man. The brother was horrendous. Makes me laugh just thinking about it.

Before the movie started though… I waited for Bobby while he went to the bathroom after being struck with a sudden belly ache. I got two texts.

“The eagles have landed.”

“Never let me have seconds again!”

LOL! I was laughing so hard.

After the movie we moved on to the fair. It was about as impressive as it usually is. I walk around feeling bad for the beautiful majestic horses that have hillbillies petting and pawing at them all day. I didn’t snap pictures of the horses because I didn’t want to disturb them. I’m strange. But Bobby took some pictures while we were there. Here they are:

cute caged sheep

caged goat





cows. today i realized how bony their butts are

So that’s all the pictures we took. Somewhere between the squash and the cows, we had fried cheese on a stick. If you’re not familiar, it’s basically mozzarella instead of a hot dog inside the cornbread. Yum. After the cows we went to MOLNARS and got cinnamon rolls! I got vanilla frosting and Bobby got maple, then we shared. Yum. So that was worthwhile for the cinnamon rolls alone. Jeff Dunham was performing tonight, but we forgot to get tickets way back when we last remembered and were unprepared to pay $35 to see him tonight. Oh well!

Once that fun was had, we stopped for a drink (more carbs!) on the way home. Finally, once we were as tired as could be, we went back home and watched the Dirty Jobs marathon. I love Mike Rowe. He is frickin’ hilarious. We watched the smokehouse one where the guy kept throwing up the meat, and he’d be like “Maybe someday we’ll Meat” and then catch the meat. He kept saying silly things like “It’s such a treat to eat Meat” and then he’d catch it. He did this like 50x in a row all while looking at the camera and catching the meat whenever he said meat. My kind of humor!!

Long ass day at the paper tomorrow. I better call it a night.  Hope everyone had a good day!

p.s.  The pictures aren’t showing up for me. I didn’t think it was possible to do it wrong, but I may have… so if all you see are the captions, you know you aren’t missing out on much!


3 thoughts on “prepare yourselves for an ultra-lame update!

  1. christinaheart says:

    That looks like the fair we have up here every year. If I go this year, I’ll have to take photos. It’s in September, so it should be happening soon.

    I always feel sad for the caged up animals.

    I was at Kipona yesterday and the food was amazing (minus the falafel). Pumpkin funnel cakes are ahmazing. So is street vendor Pad Thai.

    • kmariam says:

      You did not like the Falafel? I’ve been wanting some ever since Girl and I went to NYC! We talked about getting it, but never did.

      • christinaheart says:

        I have a strong inkling that it was simply a terrible first example of a falafel. There were huge chunks of onion on it and it was SUUUUPER dry.

        I’m going to try one again at a real restaurant at some point.

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