a whole new world?

I guess there’s nothing like a fresh start, but I will miss vox and the community. There’s nothing really exciting to talk about right now.  It’s a holiday weekend for most, but since I still work my old full-time job on the weekends, I am stuck working 3-10 both Saturday AND Sunday! Gross. To make matters worse, I am going to have to go into work on Monday for a few hours because let’s face it.. one girl in editorial (me) with a 3 day weekend… coming in ON layout day… it just isn’t gonna work. If I still had someone to help me process the copy that’d be a different story… but I don’t have Laur anymore to back me up so I will have to sacrifice a few hours of Labor Day to make Tuesday easier for all of us.

It’s not all bad though… Bobby and I are probably going to go to the Canfield Fair in the afternoon once I get off. Tuesday (before my hellishly long day of work) I get my hair cut! I’m also looking forward to Ocean City! We’re going on the 16th. We will probably be coming home on Sunday but at least I’ll get to see the ocean for a couple days.

I’m in a baking mood and I haven’t had any time to bake. Which is a good thing, because I’m really trying to get back into shape and I don’t need it anyway, haha! The cooler weather really inspires the baker in me though.

I feel like September will be the start of some good things. I can only hope!


2 thoughts on “a whole new world?

  1. christinaheart says:

    If you haven’t already added me to your “blog surfer,” do it NOW! 🙂


    I love seeing the ocean for a few days. Usually I only need 3 days and I’m set for the year. Are you going to the OC in New Jersey or Maryland?

    I can’t wait until if feels like fall and STAYS like fall.

    • kmariam says:

      Maryland! I’ve been there once before but I hope I’ll have more fun this time around haha. And today the weather is AMAZING!! Oh my god. It’s so cool outside I love it! And I will add you right now! I was trying to figure out the surfer thing last night but I didn’t even see it. I think it was too much, too soon haha!!

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