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I’m going back guys! When Vox moved us over to typepad, I was really disappointed and it really seemed like there were no options whatsoever unless you were a paying member. But now it seems like things have changed, and i see LOTS of the old vox designs we knew and loved. Plus lots of history is in that blog, much of it automatically transferred over as drafts though probably because of security settings at the time, but I took the password off so no one needs to knock first anymore.

I just feel more comfortable using it, reminds me of vox WAY more than wordpress ever will. So if you feel like reading future updates:

Coming soon will be a pumpkin patch update and my october birchbox! ❤


Galaxy nails


My first attempt at this Galaxy nail design. I don’t own a fine sparkle clear Polish but that would have made it prettier. And I was sloppy with my white stars.. next one will be better!!



Love letters, fractured foil and a cupcake! It isn’t a very coordinated manicure but I had to try the two colors with the cupcake stamp. It was the first time I tried that and it worked really well!

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polish obsession & a new powder

Okay so today I was out with a friend and we stopped in Sally Beauty Supply. I’ve never been there before but I was curious about the dotting tools I hear so much about on youtube. Can you believe the store didn’t have any? Only fine brushes and stuff like that. I was majorly disappointed because that’s where everyone always says you can find them!!

Well I hadn’t planned on buying any polish, but … I saw China Glaze in person for the first time as well (I know!) and I found some of them were REDUCED! To $1.99. So I picked up Lemon Fizz and Love Letters. Lemon Fizz is a gorgeous opaque pale yellow and Love Letters is the perfect sheer pink, and it looks like what everyone refers to as a “jelly.”

Here are the China Glazes:

Love Letters & Lemon Fizz


So then we were talking about Essie and my friend, Jill, was saying that she loves the fall collection and I told her i am in LOVE with Lady Like. She didn’t remember that one so we stopped at Target so she could see it, and of course she ended up buying it LOL.

Almost all the polishes are also on sale this week at Target and much to the dismay of my Fiance, when he reads this, I could not help myself and I picked up a couple.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Sun Kissed – it’s an orange color that I bought with stamping pumpkins in mind – ’tis the season.

Essie in Mezmerised – a beautiful non-shimmery (usually just the way I like them) fourth-of-july lookin’ blue.

anddd.. Sally Hansen Crackle in Fractured Foil – silver crackle. i own the white one but it reminds me of dried up cream cheese whenever I wear it… yuck

here are those:

Essie mezermised, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear sunkissed, Sally Hansen crackle factured foil

I’m happy with these polishes. I put on three coats of the Love Letters and put the fractured foil on my ring finger. It looks so pretty! I also swatched all of them with the fractured foil over top, and I have to say the Lemon Fizz looks awesome. I like light blue under it too.

I think if you put white on your nails first and then topped them off with the love letters, that would look really great too. I’ll have to try that next time.

There are so many nail designs that I want to try lately though. If you follow cutepolish on youtube, you will find tons of awesome designs. I especially like the candy corn one for the upcoming festivities, which I now have all the colors for! Oh and I am really curious about the water marbling, I will have to share that idea with my future MIL & see if she wants to try it out with me! (I got her hooked on the konad stamping not too long ago!)


As for the powder, awhile back I found the Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder on amazon for about half of its actual cost. It’s super expensive, like what, $60 at sephora? I found a full sized one on amazon for about $30 a couple months ago and I’ve been using it lately over my foundation (Revlon Colorstay) in place of my normal powder, which is just the pressed powder in the Colorstay line.

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Powder

I was skeptical after reading all the mixed reviews, but after trying it for myself, it does really minimize the appearance of my pores and gives me a glow that the other powder just will never give me. I don’t think I’ve had any problems with it breaking me out yet as some people have, but who knows. I have only been using it for a couple weeks. It does make me oilier though, I have to blot throughout the day now but I think the more natural finish it gives my foundation comped to the regular powder makes it worth it.

I also appreciate that it is a solid that you “shave” into loose powder by turning the sifter. That way you get what you need and waste less.

It can be used as just a foundation, but I haven’t tried it like that. It’s supposed to improve the look of your skin over time, which would probably work better if you did put it directly on your skin instead of overtop of a foundation, but I haven’t been willing to try it like that just yet.

That’s all for now.


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I miss ocean city! That’s a shirt Bobby’s parents got me when they went a couple weeks ago.

I am waiting patiently for when we can afford to take off on our own for a week and hit any ocean city, ha.

I also miss Disney world, and I can’t wait for our honeymoon. The smells, the food, the magic. I can’t wait to share it with bobby.

I will never forget the last time I was there, sitting in a bathrobe on the balcony of the grand Floridian overlooking the Marina at night, crying, wishing I were there with someone who actually loved and appreciated me instead of my now ex and his unbelievably loud snoring mother. Ugh it was the least magical trip I’d ever taken. It ruined Disney for me for quite some time, but I couldn’t let it keep me away forever.

I’m just excited I was able to let it go and reclaim my love for the place! The second half of our honeymoon will be a cruise, which is totally new to me. But I can’t wait to spend my first day there with Bobby just exploring the resort and eating a delicious meal and seeing things through the eyes of someone who has yet to experience these things. Also, I crave wetzels pretzels on the regular. There are none around here! They have a place in downtown Disney though ; ).

I just wish it were sooner.. but we have moving in together next summer to look forward to before all that, and I spend a fair amount of time thinking about that as well 🙂

I just wish it would be here already. Because I do things like stay up until 1 in the morning thinking about all the details.

Scentsy party tomorrow night and then dinner and drinks with a friend I haven’t seen in almost a year!!!

… goooodnight!

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Breakfast of champions


Sooo good!!!



Picked up this yarn on my lunch break today. It’s so beautiful!

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